Sometimes, I Forget I'm Suppose To Be Sketching

7:00 AM

Shoes For Acadia
Acadia Sketchbook from Zeta Paper
Watercolor and Ink
7.5 x 4.5"
It doesn't happen too often anymore, but every once in a while, when I'm working in the studio with the music rocking and enough uninterrupted time, I forget I'm sketching.

When that happens, I turn a sketch into a painting.

Like the page above.

And normally, I'd say there's nothing wrong with that…unless I let the page become "precious" as this one did.

When I realized I was adding details to the stitching detail on the pink skimmers, I realized I'd gone a little overboard.


And actually, the painting was fine. It was the lettering I added afterwards that was the problem.

It looked horrid. I mean truly awful.

Maybe it looked worse because the sketches paintings weren't messy like usual.

I started off using the wrong pen. I knew better and I did it anyway.

What's worse is that I didn't stop when I saw it wasn't working.

My punishment was spending two days trying to find a way to successfully cover up the areas I'd written on.

While you can't tell it on screen, you could definitely tell it if you were to hold the page in your hands.

Just disgusting, I tell you.

Using a combination of watercolor ground and white acrylic, I brought enough of the white back to make the page work.

Rather than run the risk of more issues with trying to ink over my patches, I created a tag and glued it down over the most offensive area.

I suppose I may learn one of these days, but it hasn't happened yet so I can't say as I'm holding out much hope.

Anyway, I've got my shoes lined up for splashing around on mud flats and exploring tidal pools.

I've even packed some of my new socks!

Now, I just have to sit and wait for a few more days to fall off the calendar...

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. already left a comment elsewhere--I love how you treated the tag antiquishly.....sounds like a lot of my posts where I get into a lot of areas--not always, but enough to make it sort of part of the process....I'm crazy about the mudders !


    1. Thanks, Winna! Yes, it's definitely part of the process these days. Making mistakes and then finding a way to incorporate, fix and or learn from them.

  2. Oh but you recovered your "sketch" beautifully! Sounds like an amazing trip, wish I was going with you :-)

    1. Thanks, Ann! It looks better on screen than in person.

  3. The tag works really well. One of my favourite new (to me) quotes is "mistakes are only an opportunity to try something different".

    1. LOVE that quote! And yes, I'd have never gone with a tag if it weren't for my colossal screw-up.

  4. You made this detail girl laugh. I try not to do this but hey...what can I say. I love your patch job. :) You are going to have so much fun!

    1. Yes, we seem to worship at the same alter of detail, Lisa. Yes, I think this trip is gonna be a blast!

  5. I think the shoes look terrific and the patch is very effective!

  6. Dear Laure - that tag did a great cover up job. I love the shoes. You inspired me to press on when I have made a mess of things...have something similar sitting on my art desk - not sure if I should discard it or not...maybe you can come give me a few rescue tips. Have a lovely day.

    1. Go for it, Debbie! I find that when I've royally messed up a piece, that's when I really get to play and experiment to see what might work. And often times, I'm surprised at how well it turns out.

  7. It worked beautifully! I turned a large watercolor into a "collage" after something similar happened to me a couple of summers ago...was getting ready for a show and just didn't have time to start over... :) "Happy Accident"!


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