Recent Sightings of the Manaphin and the Banana-phin!!

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Manaphin off Clearwater Beach
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Did you hear about the recent sighting of the manaphin off from Clearwater Beach!?! The marine experts in the world had long thought this unique creature was extinct.

It is a mammal and thought to be part manatee and part dolphin.

And oddly enough, the same week of the manaphin sighting, a "banana-phin" showed up on my kitchen counter!
You never ever leave food out on the counter at our house!
Watercolor and ballpoint pen
Stillman & Birn Zeta Sketchbook
The banana actually came from Chris' sister. She wanted us to try the banana as it is about half the size of a regular banana and she says it tastes better than the larger fruit.

As Chris studied the banana, he began to see "shapes" and with the help of his trusty pen, he'd created a banana-phin!

Of course, I had to put it in my sketchbook.

My husband's food art is legendary.

We used to have waiters that would get excited when they saw us come in the door because they couldn't wait to see what Chris would create for them to find after we'd finished our meal.

All that time his mother just thought he was playing with his food…

Anyway, if you'd like to know more about the really cool manaphin, please visit here. You can see photos and hear what it sounds like underwater.

To learn more about the sighting off from Clearwater Beach, please read here.

As of yet, no further information is known about the banana-phin.

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Wow Laure - what a great find. I am going over to check out your links. As for your hubby's sketch - just pretty cute. Hope you both are having a creative day.

  2. I thought that was a photo at first! Great sketch! Did you know that if you scratch a design into a banana peel, the next day the peel will have darkened where you scratched it and your design will be revealed? Or so I've heard. I have some bananas, maybe I should try it and report back.

  3. I thought you might be teasing about the manaphin. I will have to check out the links. Love the bananaphin.

  4. I too thought it was a photo till the speckles registered! Nice job, really nice. My son and granddaughter play with food too. And when my other granddaughter had a sore on her arm, Victoria (who took a couple of your classes and is now taking art classes in college, woohoo!) drew a picture ON her arm using the sore as a bit of it.

    I saw Manatees when I lived in Florida many years ago but had never heard of the Manaphin! Or the Bananaphin as it so happens!

  5. I agree with everyone here, my initial thought was a photo of a Banana Chris had drawn on! Absolutely a great sketch!


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