Most Beloved Toy In All Of Catdom

11:27 AM

Beloved Toy
Watercolor and Gouache
Stillman & Birn Zeta Sketchbook
5.5 x 8.5 inches
That's a mouse.

Yeah, that gray fuzzy thing at the end of the red string.

Actually, it's the remains of a mouse.

It's lived survived through six cats and counting.

It has outlasted balls, feathers, springs, pieces of paper wadded up into balls, toilet paper rolls, catnip toys and all kinds of other things that pass for toys in the eyes of a cat.

And it, above all others, has been the most played-with, tugged-on, gnawed-on, swatted-at, chased, cherished toy in all of catdom.

It currently hangs off the back of the chair in our living room.

Without fail, if you pass too close to the chair, at least two bright, eager eyes will peer over the seat waiting for you to make the mouse move.

And you do.

Because what kind of human would you be if you did not entertain the feline-in-residence?

And the small, frayed little mouse is leaving—tug-by-tug, fiber by fiber.

I wanted to capture it before it was completely gone.

The string, while picked and pulled, is still in good shape.

We could probably attach a new mouse…but it just wouldn't be the same.

This one has staying power, history.

And you can't replace history.

Because it's just not the same.

I consider this another sketch in the Ordinary to Extraordinary Series.

What have you elevated from ordinary to extraordinary lately?

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Cute story Laure! I love the new Blog! Very, very, very nice! I really like your header art too, all around great job! The only thing I've moved from ordinary to extraordinary this week was to get a blog post completed! You have to laugh about that!

  2. My frog fountain! Or wouldn't that be so ordinary? Okay, how about my glass of iced tea which I sketched just over 1 inch high last night with a ballpoint pen - now that's pretty ordinary! Yes, I need to do my homework too, lol. That string and mouse came out really well in your painting. The string really looks frayed and the mouse, well, I would never have thought that piece of fluff had been a mouse but it sure looks fluffy!

  3. Oh Laura - it is extraordinary. Imagine surviving 6 cats. Update I just purchased a Stillman Birn Zetta waiting for some inspiration to hit to start using it. I have junk ones that I doodle in - a garden one with watercolor, etc. So now because this one is special I am having a mental block (LOL)...maybe I just need to get it dirty and it won't seem so precious.

  4. Can't think of a thing that could compare with your cat mouse. It is a treasure. You have it high stature with this sketch.

  5. ...your post made me smile. I can so imagine the kitties waiting for that mouse to move! hehe...
    Beautiful painting of the furry little thing too!!


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