An Iced Rose—Maybe

10:29 AM

Iced Rose
Watercolor and Ink
Stillman and Birn Bound Beta Sketchbook
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Be honest…if I had not said this was an iced rose, could you have guessed?

Perhaps you would have said snow?

Either way, it's okay.

I wouldn't have guessed that was ice if I'd seen this out on the internet somewhere.

Simply put, this was a miscalculation on my part.

When I saw the image, I thought, "Oh, I can do that with no problem."


While it does look like a rose, it looks like it's lying in the snow.

It wasn't suppose to!

Nor do I think that looks like a blob of ice.

A blob of something, but not ice.

Still, it was fun. It was a learning experience and I'm not totally dissatisfied with the end piece.

This to me is what art is all about.

Doing. Experimenting. Learning.

Going again until your reach a level of satisfaction you're happy with.

What is your definition?

No matter if you observe the holiday or not, I wish you happiness, friendship and love 
on this Valentine's Day!

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. actually, from one who lives where there is lots of ice and snow, it looks like a rose lying in the snow with a bit of crystalline ice on it.. Very lovely

    1. Seriously? Wow, thanks! That makes me feel a little better. I'm still not satisfied, but that's okay too.

  2. Since I didn't see what it was "supposed" to look like I think it turned out just right. Maybe if you look at it again tomorrow it will be just right to you too. :) Happy Valentines Day to you.

  3. I agree with Tyanne. It looks like ice crystals on the rose that is lying in snow. It's lovely. And it is all about the process, isn't it.

  4. I could tell it was ice right away. It has that melting, almost about to fall off look.

  5. It looks like ice on the rose but I agree it looks like it's lying on snow and I think I see some yellow snow nearby, lol. I really didn't focus in on anything besides the cold rose till you mentioned it though and the rose is beautiful.


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