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BRAND NEW Journal Cover For My Alaska Trip
taking 17 years ago
Way back in 1997, Chris and I, along with his family (8 of us if you count the nephew who was on the way) took off to Alaska for a week long visit. Upon our return, I had grand plans for all the cool things I was going to do with everything that I had seen on our visit.

This is as far as I got:
I created a journal for some of our panoramic photos with paper I could also draw, paint and write on.

Other than the front cover, it sat empty.


And it was mocking me.

It was mocking me for calling myself a sketchbook artist.

We also have a box of ephemera and collect bags, books, photos and a recipe or two from the trip that's been floating around our household since…you guessed it, 1997.

I finally decided to remedy the situation by creating a class that would "force" me to sit down and start creating a sketchbook worthy of our trip and to get that blasted box out of our house!

That's the background for "An Imaginary Visit To A Past Vacation."

The Bigger Story

It turns out this was one of the most fabulous classes I've hosted! The response was great and the artists that came to play had taken trips all around the world…and all of us were able to live vicariously through the pages and images posted by one another.

It was magical!

I've long believed we can't live long enough to see it all, do it all, make all the mistakes or create all the successes there are in this world and this class turned into a number of different adventures we all got to go on because of the sharing of sketches by these generous "travelers."

To see the world through another's eyes, to experience even a part of what they saw and were touched by made this class experience so much richer for all of us.

Come and Join The Fun

So I'm going to invite each of you to come and join in the fun as this class starts again on March 4th.

It doesn't take a trip to an exotic location or even out of your home country. One individual journaled her honeymoon in and around Crater Lake National Park (it made me want to visit!).

If you have a fabulous family vacation, a trip to the beach or Disney World that you'd like to journal about, consider joining us.

While I found it a bit embarrassing to be journaling about a trip I took 17 years ago, I can't begin to tell you how many old memories have resurfaced by talking about the trip, looking at photos and sharing what we remembered.

Again, the class is "An Imaginary Visit To A Past Vacation." Click here to come and join in the fun!

2014 Class Schedule

I have also posted a partial class schedule for 2014 and you can download it here. More classes will be added as we move through the year.

If you missed the latest i•Trav•e•logue Newsletter from please click here.

As always, I hope to see you in the Imaginary Realm very soon!

Oh, and that mocking journal? It's been silenced. I stuffed it with photos! However, the box has not yet been banished…more to come on that.

Do you have any trips you'd like to revisit? Where'd you go?

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Of the many "trips" I have taken with you, this was was by far the most fun... It was fun to get some of my own memories down into meaningful sketches, and very fun to vicariously share everyone elses vacations...

  2. I obviously live a very sedate life. : (

  3. Guess I have missed a few blogs as I didn't recognize your blog page. Lovely header. My desktop computer died last October and it kind of did me in...anyway this brings to mind a trip we took to Catalina years ago to celebrate one of our anniversaries. I took so many photos and picked up lots of literature that I just ran across just recently wondering if I should just toss it but couldn't bring myself to do so.. Lol never thought about journaling it.

  4. Super excited that you are offering this class again. I have so many unfinished projects. Not quite sure which one I'll pick up for this class, but the wheels upstairs are starting to turn .... thinking about it.


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