Oh, Look!! A Texas Moose!!

7:55 AM

Texas Moose
Watercolor and Ink
Pineapple Journal
5.5 x 5.5 inches
Chris and I went to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant the other evening and I noticed this big guy hanging over the door where the customers come and go.

I turned to Chris and asked, "Do they have moose in Texas?"

He looked at me a bit odd, but shook his head and answered, "Hmmm, no. A bit too warm there would be my guess....why?"

"I was just wondering why there's a moose over the door in what is suppose to be an Texas restaurant if moose don't live in the state," I replied. "I dunno, it just seems kind of weird. They don't even have moose on the menu."

"They don't have jackalope on the menu either," he noted.

"Yeah, well, maybe because those don't exist? Just a guess" was my retort.

Ask anyone who knows me well and they'll tell you that patience is not my long suite. Case in point is this "lovely" sketch above. Everything was fine at the restaurant. I sketched out the moose between our salads and the arrival of our entrees. I added color during the meal.

Later after we were home, I decided to put in the text. Looking the page over, I decided it would look better if there was some indication of a wall behind Mr. Moose.

I failed to wait until the ink was dry. Before it was over, I even managed to smear some of the ink.

And why?! We were already home! It's not like we were keeping the table too long.

I suppose it's the same reason I often misspell words on my journal pages—I'm in creative mode and the left brain leaves for a little while.

Or maybe it's just standing back to see what kind of mess I'll get myself into so it can say, "See? See what kind of messes you get into when I'm not around to keep you in line!?!"

Oh, well. It was still fun and it was still nice having a break from an overactive left brain!

Are you a patient kind of person? Have you always been that way? If not, how did you get there???

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Me patient??? tee hee ha haa chortle... a, no.
    I think I have made great inroads to becoming patient. Some may not agree but I feel more patient. Not when I am working on a project though. I tend to want to git er dun.

  2. Oh, I have so done that! I am not a patient artist either, and have screwed up so many paintings that way. Besides, I am left handed and ink smears on my pages all the time. Sigh.

  3. I'm not patient either. In fact, in the next few days I'll post a page where I also smeared some ink because it wasn't dry. And then of course there are the color bleeds . . .

  4. I forgot to add - it's still a cute page!


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