Mixing Business with Pleasure!

5:18 PM

The Tea Cup Tea Room
Gray Copic Ink & Watercolor
5.5" x 5.5"
Pineapple Sketchbook
I met my new business partner at a tea house for a business lunch today.

Since I arrived 10 minutes early, I checked email and with nothing else to do, dug out my sketchbook and drew the fountain sitting out in the garden. I was about half way through painting it when she arrived.

We were seated in a back corner table where we could to begin discussions on a new project—one that will involve art, beauty, encouragement, inspiration, traveling, writing and maybe some tea!

I had left the sketchbook open on the table so the page could dry. After lunch, I pulled the sketchbook over to finish the garden sketch and decided to add the lovely tea pot. We had two pots of tea, one was a white tea called Wedding Tea and smelled like wedding cake. The other was caramel.

Yummmm! Even better when we mixed them together! Double yummmm!

Before I could finish the teapot, our scones arrived with Devonshire cream. Just delicious! I couldn't leave them out, so on the page they went.

We also had a wonderful conversation with the proprietress of The Tea Cup about realizing dreams and enjoying the gifts of each day.

A most un-business like lunch that was a wonderful way to do business!

Because time was short, I drew directly on the page with a gray Copic multiliner pen. It reads a bit like pencil. I figured for china and pale, pastel colors, I wasn't sure I wanted to use black ink.

That fact that I captured a few quick sketches was the icing on a fun day.

What did you do fun today????!!

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. my fun thing was reading your lovely post and enjoying your sweet art. Sounds like the most wonderful setting for a meetup with a new business partner; follow your dreams Laure'

  2. Oh a lovely Business meeting for sure to get to sketch and drink Tea. When will we get to hear about this new venture? My fun thing today? Has to be reading your blog post because we were working in the yard tearing out ugly Juniper bushes all day. Not so fun but necessary for the end result of beauty when We plant the Rhodys we want.

    1. In due time, Cris, I'll spill the details! Sometimes, the work has to come before the pleasure. You'll be thrilled when you get the juniper out and the new garden in.

  3. I had to work today. Not much fun really but it is creative. At least the creative part was fun. Your sketch is yummmy.

    1. Lisa, if your work is creative, you're a lucky girl! Not many folks can say that.

  4. i love love love your blog & illustrations! i haven't been to a tea room in so long. your post makes me want to make a trip to one very soon!

    1. Thank you, Jenny and welcome! Yes, it sounds like a trip to a tea room is definitely needed—enjoy!!

  5. Sounds like a delightful time! and now you've really got my curiosity up -- wondering what you have in mind now.... ;-) Can't wait to hear more.
    P.S. The Tea place sounds fascinating!

    1. The tea room was a delight, Claire! I'll be sharing more about the new "adventure" soon as I can—until then, I can tell you it involves all the things I am most passionate about...


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