Happy St. Valentine's Day

10:19 AM

Watercolor in Pineapple Journal
5 x 5 inches

May your love be rich and deep, 
may your sweets be the sweetest, 
may your heart be all aflutter
for 'tis
St. Valentine's Day!

P.S. Florida strawberries are at their peak—
yummy goodness and good for you
(especially when dipped in chocolate!)!!

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Love the watercolor AND your hearts and birds banner. Charming--the berries sound delicious, too. happy Valentine's Day, Laure!

  2. Love the luscious-looking strawberry concoction! Strawberries are good for you, right? And dark chocolate? I think we must indulge in such a healthy Valentine treat.

  3. Slurp..yum..slurp...we are also getting yummy strawberries, must be from Fla.

    Happy V Day to you also.

  4. Oh this is wonderful, but you should have painted a knife so we can share it with you!! Its yumalicious looking. :))

  5. Very nice!!! and I agree with Chris...where's the knife! I've had my strawberries today, have you?? HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you too!

  6. Your passion for art shows in this yummy drawing. Happy Valentines Day.

  7. Yum!! This looks sooooo good. Hope your Valentine's Day was full of love too! It's perfect...

  8. This looks yummy! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  9. Happy Valentine's to you too! Mmm, this looks yummy! I guess I should have painted our morning strawberry waffles but I was too busy cooking them!

  10. Suddenly, some of my favourite bloggers are trying to make fat(ter). LOL Gorgeous, scrummy painting!

  11. Gee this looks so yummy and tempting!! I'd love to sit and enjoy a piece!


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