Note(s) to Self...

6:13 AM

...I thought y'all might benefit as well, especially if you've been as distracted this week as I have:

1st Note: When filling waterbrush with the black stopper thingie, do NOT do it over the garbage disposal side of the sink.
     1st Sub-Note: Cease eye-rolling and sighing immediately. They are no help.

2nd Note: The time to think about cleaning the garbage disposal is BEFORE you drop the black stopper thingie, not after.

3rd Note: Before you get brave enough to stick your hand down in the garbage disposal to retrieve the black stopper thingie, be sure to move the knife with peanut butter on it, out of the way.

4th Note: Black stopper thingies seem to diminish in size when they are at the bottom of a garbage disposal. Check internet to see if phenomenon is true.

5th Note: Once you have retrieved the black stopper thingie, and find peanut butter on your arm, check your clothing. BEFORE you go to the market. Not after.

6th Note: Better yet, change out of your good shirt BEFORE you attempt to retrieve black stopper thingie out of the garbage disposal.

7th Note: Back up two steps and scrub hands and arms up to armpits with anti-bacterial soap.

8th Note: AFTER arriving home from the market, check the seats of the Jeep to see if you managed to smear peanut butter on them, too.

9th Note: Switch to using a regular brush with a container of water so that you can avoid losing the black stopper thingie down the garbage disposal with the peanut buttered-knife lying in the way so you can avoid looking like a 3-year-old with peanut butter smeared down the side of your good shirt while strolling casually around the market.

Don't be a Laure. Learn from my mistakes. Please.

It's too late for me.

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19 Creative Thought(s)

  1. As I am ROTFL do realize I am so sorry for your aggravation. A lesson I will take to heart. I have thought of that happening here before. Luckily I have swerved around such a screnario.

  2. Thanks for the Friday morning chuckle. I'm glad I'm not the only one these things happen to.

  3. I am chuckling loudly at your post this morning as I sit here thinking of all the things I have dropped down the garbage disposal. UGH... is all I have to say. I guess I never learn. LOL

  4. Thanks for the smile this morning. I feel your pain (even as I am relieved that someone else has days like this). After reading this, I am surprised I have never dropped my black thingy down the drain. Of course I tend to be lazy, and usually fill mine from a little squeeze bottle I keep on the table I am working at so I don't have to get up. (keep a towel handy. It tends to be messy.)

  5. I second that (ROFLOL) . . . or third it? Hilarious post!

  6. I so love you, Laure!

    Just one thing - when you illustrate your blog post, please don't use such high tech language!!


  7. Hmmm, another one is to not rinse a peeled, slippery potato over that disposal opening if the potato is small enough to fall into that cavity just waiting for it. That's what I did this morning.

    I never remove the black thingy! I squeeze the blue brush at the two flat sides near the top, place under running water and let go. Then I repeat a few times and my brush is full. This reminds me I need to order some more brushes.

    Enjoyed the post. Brought a smile for me this morning.

  8. OMG...sorry Laure...but I'm laughing. I can so see you strolling around wearing the peanut butter. Bahahaa... (sorry again).

    Love that gorgeous pink flower in your new header........ack--it has so much energy--I want it!

  9. What a SCREAM! Oh, poor, poor you. It's good that you can see the humor in this now, but I'll bet you weren't laughing when it happened! Thanks for sharing so we all could have a laugh.

  10. Oh my gosh Laure - I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh at your post (not at what happened, I assure you!). LOL!! You have a great sense of humor that serves you very well when something like this happens. Like Tyanne, I tend to fill my brush from a squeeze bottle on the table, so this hasn't happened to me (yet).

  11. Are we cousins in disguise?
    1. Carefully look gift horses in the mouth ... I got a free fountain pen with a bottle of ink.
    2. Remember you have been using one pen style for over a year and your brain is prune dried (the new pen unscrews when you want to fill it with a medicine dropper / the other, the one I always use, unscrews when you take the cap off to use said pen)
    3. I suspect you just got the picture. I wanted to try my new pen and preceeded to absent-mindedly unscrew it .....
    4. Be very, very thankful your carpeting is very old and is a very dark brown.

  12. Glad you've avoided the "disposal," Lisa, it's gross!!

    You know you're not the only one, KJ!

    Ah, Cris, glad to know I'm not the only one!

    Now, Tyanne, you know that's entirely too easy! LOL!

    I'm laughing now, Teri, but I wasn't when it happened.

    Thanks, Vicky!

    LOL, Vicki, I'll keep that in mind about the language!

    Oh, TImaree, I feel your pain!

    Glad to make you happy, Kelly, I find that it helps to reframe these types of things so that I can laugh about it too. (The flower is available!)

    My pleasure, Kate, like I said, sometimes I have to reframe things...

    Cheryl, the sense of humor usually comes later....

    Oh, Elva, ouch!!! And I hate to say it, but "been there, done that too!" Except I ruined my favorite pair of jeans at the time. Ugh!

    Thanks, Claire!

  13. My, my, you had quite an adventure :) Yes, the black stopper thingie...... I warn my students all the time about not losing it. Now I can read them proof :) Thanks sister, I totally understand!

  14. This makes me so glad that I do not have a garbage disposal at this house. But it does bring back memories of me begging my husband to retrieve lost items! Maybe that is why he decided after we were married for 10 years to switch jobs and become a plumber!LOL

  15. Brilliant! Chuckles happening as I type and bells ringing..though my problem is more with Nutella than peanut butter :D

  16. Such good advice. I will have to keep this in mind, Laure. Too funny--I'm just glad at least you didn't turn on the garbage disposal during that scenario.


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