It's Monday?

9:55 AM

Watercolor Journal page
5.5 x 7.5 inches

Hmmm, Monday. Not sure how that happened so quickly! Well, alright, if you insist.

Bring it on!!

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16 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one asking what happened to the weekend! Here's wishing you a fun and profitable week.

  2. Yep, might as well get ready for it because here it comes. I really like your red page.

  3. I just love this....everything about it.

  4. What a beautiful painting!!! Happy Monday to you!

  5. Thanks, KJ, fun and profitable could be good! Wishing you the same!

    Thank you, Lisa, I'm getting there.

    Thanks, Xandra!

    Thank you, Kelly!

    Hey, Julie! Thank you and Happy Monday!

  6. I see a journal page here.
    And I love it!!!

  7. This is beautiful, Laure! You're so creative and "artsy" :-)

  8. It was a fun artsy weekend for us and poof its over. Why does the fun stuff fly by?? Love this art piece.

  9. What a delicious illustration!!

  10. This is certainly a fun combination!!

  11. This is soooo pretty! I want to take a bite out of that juicy apple!

  12. Nice journal page, Laure! Are you going to do that Sketchbook Project? You should! Great reds!

  13. How do I love this? Let me count the ways - the close-cropped apple, the overlaid pieces, the red thread bringing dimension and leading the eye, the colour theme - oh it's gorgeous!!!

  14. Thank you, Teri!

    Artsy? Thanks, T, I can live with that!

    Thanks, Cris! It was a good weekend!

    Thank you, Caroline!

    Thanks, Claire!

    Thank you, Randi!

    Thanks, Sue, I don't know about the Sketchbook Project. I hate to commit and then not be able to play.

    Gosh, Gillian, thanks! (blush, blush!)

  15. I love your art...stumbled on the "Art Hearts for Haiti" post. What happened with that...did you ever make a collection of hearts? How did that go?


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