5:50 AM

Memory Sketch
Watercolor in 
Hobby Lobby Watercolor Journal
3.5" x 5.5"

I stepped into my studio last evening just in time to see this scamp darting across the floor with my favorite sable watercolor brush! When I told Chris about him, I called the little guy a gremlin. This led to a discussion about what makes a gremlins vs. mischievous faeries vs. hobgoblins vs. evil elves. I was perhaps calling him by the wrong name as I do believe he is more of a mischief maker than an gremlin. Besides, he wasn't green and I didn't see any warts.

Interestingly, Chris informed me he didn't have any of these mysterious creatures in his studio. He seem to think they were all mine and visited his studio when they became bored waiting for me to discover something missing. He also said if they were anything like him, they'd forget where they put stuff so he hoped they didn't take anything too important!

I regretfully informed him that as far as I knew faeries had no territorial boundaries, came and went as they pleased, and were not assigned nor attached to particular humans. It had far more to do with who they liked—or didn't. Fortunately for me, this guy dropped the brush as he rounded the trash bin and disappeared from sight. He didn't seem particularly scared of me. He just knew the game was up. This time.

On a more serious note (if you've made it this far), this was painted in the new watercolor journal from Hobby Lobby. So far I've learned that it does not take to repeated erasing very well. It tends to mar the paper rather easily. The journal also has a textured page and a less textured page. As long as you know this you can either plan ahead if you want to do a two page spread, or make your mind up it's not going to bother you if you want to stay in date order.

The only thing I can say so far is that when these are gone, I won't be making another trip to replace them. I still prefer them to Moleskines, but I really think I'd rather just make my own and be done with it. So close.....but then, that's probably what Mr. Brush Snatcher thought too!

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I've got his relatives in my house!!! They're mostly after my reading glasses!

  2. Haaa! Cute little guy--he looks harmless enough. Taking a good sable brush, though--that's not acceptable.

    I wondered how the book would prove--I wish there were some made that are just great, don't you!?

    Does your husband paint and create, too, Laure!? Cool.

  3. That's so we can't see them, Caroline!

    The search will continue, Sue, but as I said, I really think I'm just going to make them for myself. At least I'll know what I'm getting.

    Yes, Chris is an artist though he seldom creates anymore. His passion lies elsewhere but it helps that he understands my unique challenges with art.

  4. One thing this Mr Brush Snatcher is good at is putting a big smile on my face early in the morning!!

    Such an fun post and wonderful painting.

    I am getting so that I don't even like Moleskines anymore.

  5. I guess I won't be looking for this sketchbook. It's no fun when the paper isn't nice. I've got to make a journal now with some papers people suggested that they like. Then I can decide if I like them too and go from there. It's hard because I don't want to just pencil sketch on the expensive watercolor paper but don't want to watercolor on paper that's only good for drawing on! What do you think of using 90# watercolor paper in a journal? (I may have asked this before; I hope not. Please forgive me if I did).

    Your little elf/gremlin/fairy turned out great. I guess one got away with my Pogo cord although I usually catch them when they take my erasers and brushes and pencils and....

  6. I believe some of this fairies relatives live around here. Hiding my brushes and even a pen or two everyonce in a while. Rascals they are.

  7. Hi Laure, I found your blog while surfing and find it to be deee-light-ful!! I am at - hope you stop by sometime:-)

  8. Hah ha! He'll be the little blighter who puts a blob of undissolved pigment in any watercolour wash that is otherwise perfect. Grab him!

  9. Adorable post. But you know I have this theory.. that when I cant find something literally right under my nose... that it is the little gremlin that change it to something else playing games with me & then changing them back after having a laugh at me tearing the house apart only to find it right where I had looked first. You just cant trust them. lol
    Bummer about the new book. Sometimes you just have to do it yourself. Emjoyed this post a lot.

  10. What a darling fellow, no matter what you call him! I love how he turned out even if you did have trouble with the paper.

  11. Cute post... cute painting! He's adorable!

  12. Hahaha! Loved your story. I think I have a little village of those guys living in my house.


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