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12:23 PM

“No Place Like Home”*
by Laure Ferlita
© All Rights Reserved

Where has this week gone?! I had intended to have this new image up on Monday, Tuesday at the latest, and it's already Thursday?! Time is flying and Autumn with it. It will be Thanksgiving next week and Christmas the week after that at this rate!

I am so pleased that "An Imaginary Trip Through Autumn" is over half full! Yay! I am so looking forward to the class–so far everyone seems to have a love of all things "pumpkin!" As it turns out, several of us have made several trips to the pumpkin patch/stand and have come home with several pumpkins–just for the purpose of painting!! We've been discussing the possibility of starting a support group! If you're interested in joining us, please click here for more info.

*This painting won Best of Show at the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society's Open Aqueous Show being held at the Venice Art Center, Venice, Florida. The painting is available for purchase. Please contact the Art Center for more information. You can read about the show here

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. It's even more beautiful when seeing it straight on. So much detail. My eyes travel around the piece up the umbrella, to the mail slot, down to the scarf and the shoes, all the way back up again. Lovely, delicate shadows and even the luggage has that well traveled "leather that got wet" look. Congratulations again! Well deserved.

  2. It really is a beautiful painting, Laure! Great job on that! I love it. And today, I can soooo relate to its sentiment! LOL

  3. OHMYGOD! it is just stunning!.. The details are fantastic!!!!!!

    Congratulations again.

  4. Wow, Laure, I'm just speechless! I wanna be *you* when I grow up ; ).

  5. Simply wonderful. Congrats again for your win.

  6. This is so beautiful and realistic. It looks so appproachable and welcoming. Makes me think the person just returned to the comfort of home after a long journey or maybe a touch day at work. In any case, they are glad to be home. What a warm thought!

  7. fantastic painting Laure, really heartwarming

  8. It's simply gorgeous. As close to perfect as a painting can get.

  9. ...I'm so happy for you. This painting is inspired...so beautiful. Congrats...

  10. Great work of art Laure. I could easily live with this one. Oh, I bet I have said that before because I don't think you have ever done anything I couldn't live with. Keep busy Ha, Maybe I should tell you to take it easy.

  11. This is very amazing! You should be proud - it would be hard to part with it - you deserved this!

    Happy painting!



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