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12:53 PM

I have to say that yesterday was one of the wildest days I've experienced in quite some time. It's a tale of woe and redemption. I went over to the Apple store yesterday with my Mac for my one-on-one appointment. When I arrived with my desktop computer on a rollie cart, they couldn't find my appointment. Being that it was 9:00 o'clock in the morning, this was not a good sign.

Turns out the ditz had struck again - I had scheduled for the 23rd and not yesterday, the 16th. Argh! Jessica, the young woman that was helping me, rescheduled me for noon. Yay! I went off to run errands - which is another story for a different post - and came back at noon to work with Carl. Carl's expertise is video and that's where I needed help. We worked through some of the issues I've been having with my computer and came up with a work around - working on the video files from an external hard drive.

Carl had to move on to his next appointment, so Ben was going to help me set up the external drive. He asked me to power up my Mac so we could map the new external drive and . . . . . . . . . . the internal hard drive would not mount. Now Nick enters the scene - Nick is one of Apple's technicians, an outstanding one too, in my opinion! He worked his magic and was able to get the drive working again. Checked some directories and arrived at the opinion was probably a software issue that was causing the problems.

He stepped away and we fired the computer up again because we still need to set up the external drive. No drive. Nada. Nothing. This time, they had to take the computer in the back and pull the drive out of it to extract my data, but extract it they did. Whew! CLOSE CALL! My entire business is/was on that computer. Do I back up? Yes, but. We've been having a whole lot of storms lately and I had turned the hard drive off to protect it and had not turned it back on since late August . . . . .

Long story not so short, we are now the proud owners of a new 15" MacBook Pro! And she is sooooo sweet! I would never have chosen this to have happened NOW, but it did, and the folks at Apple, especially Ben and Nick, were outstanding! So, let me just say - if you are in need of a computer, consider an Apple. The Apple products are superior and they're superior for a reason! The Apple personnel are even better than the products! So, without further ado, here's the new baby . . .  .

What do you think I should name her? Suggestions?

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16 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Oh my, you may need to name it 'savior' or 'saucey' (apple)(groan)

    I am happy to hear it was all a good experience. And, I was supposed to get one of these before you. Now You can help me with questions. ha

  2. Yikes. I would have a Mac if it was up to me, but I get my husband's hand-me-down laptops from work and have had an IBM ThinkPad for years now. I also get his hand-me-down cars. Do I detect a theme here...? :)

  3. it's great when you get a new laptop, it's just so cool to sit on the sofa and work!!!

  4. Wow. What a day!

    Well, as my Mom says, "All's well that ends well". Hey... at least your computer picked a good place to die! Handy to have technicians around when your Mac goes to the Big Apple in the Sky!

  5. What a sweet baby apple. Maybe it should be called Sweettart.

  6. Sorry about that, Teri! It wasn't my idea to get a new computer - it just happened!

    Andrea, I used to work on a ThinkPad at my former job. Those things are heavy and I hated having to travel with it!

    Funny, you mention the couch, Karie, that's what we were just doing! Sitting on the couch and checking out the new toy.

    Yeah, Teresa, I think having the techs around was probably the only thing that saved me from a total meltdown! Not a happy day for sure, but it did end well.

    Sweettart! I like but Himself is frowning! He'll want to name it something manly no doubt!! ;•)

  7. Laure: I have an iMac at home myself and agree completely with your assessment of Apple technology and folks at the Apple Store. With regard to a name, how about Phoenix? Since it rose from the "ashes" of your other box... :) -- Steve

  8. Now that may be one that both my husband and I can agree on! He's not digging Sweettart!

  9. Congrats on the new baby! I like the Phoenix name.

  10. Interesting story - and a challenging day for you. But, so nice to hear that it had a happy ending for you. My two oldest sons are sold on Mac laptops (one is an architecture student and that is how it started). I got my first personal laptop at the beginning of the year when my home desktop died. I ended up with a Sony - but I love it because it is mine and no one else in the family fights me for it....

  11. ooooh new toys are so so so much fun, but only when they go right!!

  12. I think she should be named after your outstanding techies---perhaps "Benanicka" or "Benicole." What do you think? : )

  13. Ohh....I love your new baby!!! ...and I love Mac too!! You seemed so calm in your narration. I would have been freaking out (maybe calm on the outside, but scared on the inside!). Computer problems always make me crazy!

  14. Very nice...Congrats!
    Apple, you are so right: just the best!
    Name: Granny Smith not too fitting! Perry Russet or Priscilla...unusual but cute no?

  15. Wish I could afford an Applemac - but it would have to be the full size due to my hands. Plus I'd need the rollerball mouse and the ergonomic keyboard, which I'm not sure are compatible. Then there's all the programmes & fonts I have that are PC only... yes, it's an investment all right. But if I win the Lottery...

    I never heard of one-on-one lessons for PCs!

    Names... looking at your blog, and because this little mac is the icing on the cake...what about CHERRY?

  16. Well, I'm glad you wound up with such a beauty--the end result sounds excellent, even if the story started out as a tragedy.


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