Daily Practice - Updated Waiter

5:35 PM

Watercolor Sketch 

Okay, now our waiter is beginning to look like a collage instead of a few random pieces thrown together. Which is what this sketch really is, but no one need know that! There are always going to be cool things that catch our eye that don't really make a complete sketch by themselves. Combine them! Create a collage out of a lot of different vignettes to form a larger, pleasing whole by repeating colors and shapes.

The shape of the bistro sign repeats the colors and shape of the metro sign. These colors are repeated in the waiter. The colors in the cat are repeated in the wall. If you look closely you will see there is green in the background of the black bistro sign. Another repeat of the green in the metro vignette. This is artistic license at it's best - moving items, deleting items, changing colors, re-sizing objects, adding things that aren't really there!

p.s. Forgot to mention that by overlapping elements - the waiter and the bistro sign - they are more cohesive and appear to go together.

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. This looks great, Laure!! It's really eye-catching. Love your info about collaging... will have to remember that. Great work!

  2. Hi, Susan! Thanks for leaving a comment and for stopping by! Glad you like what you've found. Now I'm off to see your blog.

  3. this is so beautiful and so European, ahhhhh Paris such a wonderful city, I really love all the French type.


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