Is It Hope....Or Stupidity.....

6:30 AM

....that blooms eternal? Maybe both in my case!

Watercolor and Ink
Pineapple Sketchbook
I noticed late on Saturday night as I was putting up the last of my snowmen, that most of them had on top hats and a good many of them had either a bird, a bird house, or a bird feeder with them or on them. I decided to capture one of them in my sketchbook.

As I sat sketching I realized I had done it again. I had so many ideas and plans to sketch and paint some of my favorite ornaments and teapots, like the one again. I was going to send out my Christmas cards of MY VERY OWN DESIGN this year—early.

I thought the house would be decorated early and I'd have plenty of time to paint. Ha!


Here I am staring down the 19th day of December and I still have a naked Christmas tree standing in my living room.

No cards are going out and that really grieves me. I had a plan to start getting things ready to go in January of 2011 so I wouldn't be in this situation come the 19th of December!

Most of the gifts are bought, but not wrapped. And still I had hoped....

But as I sat sketching at 10:30 on a Saturday night, I started letting go of my hopes for a peaceful, artful, less stressful holiday.

Mind you, family will still be coming over, the house will be decorated, the tree will get dressed, presents wrapped and it will still be a wonderful opportunity to spend time together, see old friends, laugh and have a good time being a kid again for a few hours. And that's what really matters.

But will I ever learn? Will I ever have a peaceful, artful, less stressful holiday?

Maybe if I start in January of 2012..........

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