Baby, It's Cold Out......Not!

1:12 PM

Let It Snow!
Watercolor in Pineapple Sketchbook
For those of you in much colder, snowier climates, please disregard this post and go about your blog reading elsewhere......because it's in the 80's. As in temperature. Outside.

Yes, this is Florida.

But it's the 22nd. Of December! Come on—it could at least be cooler!

We're not in any danger of getting snow. Or cooler temperatures. Well, not until the day after Christmas.

Then it's suppose to cool off to the 70's.

It makes it a little difficult to get into the spirit of snowmen.....when it's 85º out.

I suppose this is a blessing I'm not yet seeing.

BTW, do you see the second face in the image above?!

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