Rude Awakening

6:44 AM

It's not quite daylight.

I roll over and look at the clock. I've still got 20 minutes before the alarm goes off.

I'm thinking about whether I want to go ahead and get up....or just drift off again......

Before I'm completely comatose, I feel a large "plunk" on the bed.

Next to my head, I suddenly hear a Harley crank up.

Even with eyes closed, I know it's Joey. He always sounds like a happy Harley with his super loud purr.

And worse, he knows I'm awake.

I reach out and scratch him on the head, eyes still closed, hoping he'll go lay at the bottom of the bed until I'm ready to get up.

No. Such. Luck.

He gently head butts me when I haven't moved in the last three minutes.

This time I crack an eye open to locate the not-to-be ignored cat and again, scratch his ears.

Somewhere, deep in the recesses of my mind, an unpleasant notion starts to take shape and creep upward.

I ignore it.

I lay there trying to drift off again when an odd thought drifts across my mind about not remembering the toy I just saw in Joey's mouth.

It's not full light yet. I just didn't recognize it.

Still resisting the vague but insistent worry becoming stronger in the back of my mind, I note that the cat is walking up and down the length of the bed, occasionally pouncing on something.

Suddenly, the vague panic breaks through the surface of conscious thought and I bolt upright in bed!

To see a very happy feline sitting there looking at me, very proudly I might add, with what's left of a brown wolf spider in his mouth.

"Gwof mrfing!! Lokf wha I brft uw!" says the happy boy. (Translation: Good morning!! Look what I brought you!)

Gonna be a fine day.

Just fine.

Joey and His "Toy"
Watercolor on
Strathmore Aquarius II Paper

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