A Few Stolen Moments

9:16 AM

Chris and I slipped away to spend a few hours at the beach yesterday, hoping the winds would blow away some of the dust and cobwebs from our too busy lives......

We watched this guy for a while, just flyin' along.....

.....when suddenly, he (nearly) stops in mid-air.....

.....and makes a sharp turn.....straight down!


Splash down!!!

This was all that could be seen of the pelican after the splashdown....

And then he was off - in search of another meal!

We watched the Brown Pelican dive several more times, but he was too far away for any of the photos to come out clearly. It was a beautiful day - the first warm one in over two weeks. A very welcome change. The clouds you see in the top photos are a front that was moving in late yesterday afternoon - to bring us more rain. I was able to get in a little bit of sketching, but the day was mostly about enjoying time away and time together.

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