Christmas Has Left The Building!!

6:16 PM

Woohoo!! Finally! Christmas has finally been packed away and safely deposited back into the attic for the next 10 months. Yes, I know it's February. We had a running debate for several weeks about just leaving it up as fast as January flew through here!

It never fails, though, that something, an ornament, a pillow, or a piece of greenery, will hide out in the wide open until we get everything put away, and then say "hey, what about me?!"

So a few years back, I decided I would keep one ornament out. I would deliberately not put something away in an effort to stop this nonsense. It hasn't worked. Instead of one, I just have two things out. But that's okay 'cause he's cute, he's happy, he doesn't ask for anything, and he doesn't give me a hard time about anything. (Secretly, I think he's just delighted not to be stuffed back in a box for 11 months!)

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