Art Hearts for Haiti - the Web Site is Now UP!!!

2:35 PM

The Art Hearts web site is now up with all of the art submitted!! It can be found here. It is currently publishing to my Mobile Me account. It will eventually publish to Art Hearts For I've been having some technical difficulties with my software. Once that is resolved, I will change the address to the correct one. 

All of the hearts are in random order on the web site. I recommend watching the slideshow as that really shows the art off well! I named the hearts by the artist's first initial and last name - if I had it. If the artist  submitted more than one item there is a number sequence of 1, 2, 3, etc. Please go and take a look at the art and let me know if I have missed anyone's heart, misspelled a name, if you would like to change your name or something else. 

You can click the email link on the side bar of the blog or there are links on the web site. More info coming very soon!

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