Santa Bunny and the Winter Solstice

8:16 PM

Ol' Santa Bunny
Watercolor ACEO

You remember Santa Bunny, right? Old and a thousand years wise, with ears as soft as silk to listen to our heartfelt wishes for the holiday season. Even the lightest of wishes does not go unheard! He knows your heart's desire……

We are moving towards having a Christmassy holiday, after all! The floor is finished in my studio (YAY!!!!) and I was able to enjoy it for about 20 minutes before the "stash-a-thon" began! What's a stash-a-thon? It's what you do when your whole house is a wreck due to renovations and you're hosting a party in 5 days for 25 people!

My studio has become the "storage unit." At least, that's what it looks like. Bet not to many people have a storage unit complete with crystal chandelier and hardwood floors! We also have lights up outside, and the tree is up. It stands bare-naked in the living room waiting patiently for its adornment.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice - I plan to pause in my hurries and review the last few months and look ahead to the season to come, what goals I've accomplished and where I'm going. I hope you'll join me!

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