Learning and Living. Imperfectly.

4:39 PM

Yesterday, I tried (on my own) to remove the base boards in my studio. I found out quickly there's a trick to it, and I didn't know what the trick was. This morning, after we picked up the flooring for my studio (yay! FINALLY!!), I asked Chris what the trick was.

I was told it was a chisel. To get behind the board and then use the hammer to tap the chisel down behind the board and lever it away from the wall. Sounds straightforward, right? Except that this base board was installed by my father-n-law and his theory goes something like "if one nail is good, three or four are better!" In fact, when he built the cabinets for the kitchen in our old house there was a standing joke that if we got hit by a hurricane that kitchen would still be standing afterwards BECAUSE it was so well built (read that as nails, lots of nails)!

I did get the base board removed. Imperfectly. And that's okay. I now have a new skill in my house demo-ing toolbox. I also finished painting the last two walls today. That went a little imperfectly too, but nothing that a gallon of paint couldn't cover up. We hope to begin putting down floor on Saturday. Having learned how to do it imperfectly in Chris' studio, I'm hoping mine will be a little less imperfect. Since nothing in this house is square, that's going to be quite the challenge.

I apologize for not having any artwork these days, but I'm truly a fish out of water with no studio and everything in total chaos around here. I couldn't even find an eraser yesterday and I'm pretty sure I have a couple dozen, if not more. Somewhere. I just saw over on Caroline Robert's blog that she's accomplished what I can only dream about - an organized studio!

The little ACEO was done while my mother-in-law was very ill. My father-in-law would give us a word each week to illustrate, then Chris and I would go off to do our own interpretations. We'd then share them the next week. The word for that particular week was "starlight" and it was December. Some things just create themselves. If we're open to it.

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