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11:02 PM

The Christmas Penguin
Watercolor ACEO
2.5 x 3.5 inches

It's been a long, busy week here in the land of renovations. I now have about three quarters of a floor in the studio and 48 feet of baseboard waiting to go in. Actually, one wall of baseboard is in due to the huge "Bookcase of Knowledge!" Yay! I've found the crown molding that will be going into the studio, but we haven't had time to go pick it up yet.

It is still chaos and bedlam throughout the house. There may be a mouse stirring (not), but if there is, I'd have a hard time finding him! The cats, however, would make short order of that situation. They're master lizard hunter/gatherer/munchers! How different could a mouse be - if we actually had one?!

We've also had a change of plans for the holidays……I learned this morning that we'll be hosting the family Christmas Eve party for about 25 folks. This will put a kink in the studio plans, but this is a family emergency and that's what families do!

So, how's your holiday season? Gifts all purchased, made, wrapped and under the tree? Speaking of, is your tree up? How about the outside lights? My answers would be no, no, no, what tree and what outside lights?!

Hope your season is running a bit smoother than mine!!

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