Update on the Fuzz Ball

8:43 PM

I'm not sure if it's rebellion or just an overwhelming need to calm the chaos, but I've just slowed way down and really taken my time with this little wren. And completely and thoroughly enjoyed it as a result of that slowing down. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a lot of time in on him. I've been spending waaay more time on the computer than I would like, and yet, I know that sometimes it's necessary.

He's beginning to look round like a butterball and he's becoming a little more substantial. I'm working in layers, gradually darkening as I go. I am using a myriad of browns, siennas, umbers, ochres, and a touch of sepia for some of the really dark areas on the wings and in the shadows. His tail feathers still need to be a bit darker as does the beak. I'm still working on his tummy and the wing. I wish he could sing - I love their song - and he could keep me company!  

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