Quick Life Update

10:56 AM

Life is getting in the way of art and blogging and fun! Went to the eye doctor yesterday for my yearly checkup only to find my corneas are inflamed. A few weeks of babying my eyes with some drops and NO contacts and everything should sort itself out. That's going to severally cut into my computer time and maybe my painting time. Also had to go to the tax office, the cell phone store, the eyeglasses store (because, well, I'm getting to that age where I can't see without the pesky buggers and I have no idea what kind of frames I want)! And at least a hundred other errands that basically took all day yesterday and will today most of today.

This means the art is going to be limited, and I may be a little slow getting back to you on blog posts, emails, and comments, but you will eventually hear from me. Hope you're having a wonderful week!!

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