"Hello, my name is Choc . . . .

1:03 PM

. . . . but some folks still call me Choco. It's a leftover from childhood. Though I must say I'm surprised my mother didn't name my Seven or Nine when you consider how many children she had. Hmmm, guess I should tell you my full name is actually Chocolate M. Bunny, but Choc is fine." said the gentleman as I was painting him.

Interesting, I thought. Now what am I to do with you, I wondered out loud. Much to my surprise, he answered, "Oh, just keep painting. You'll see soon enough. Lumen and I have some very important business to attend to. Very soon, in fact. Could you darken the ears just a tad? They seem a bit pale."

Well then. All righty. I'll darken those ears a tad. While darkening his ears and adding some shadows to his shirt, I thought over what he'd said. Finally, it occurred to me to ask him who Lumen was. He replied, "Oh, that's my pocket watch, Lumen, short for Luminosity. Lumen is a magical watch that can see into the future and the past, and can see anywhere, anywhere, in the world at any given moment. And he can talk."

Wow, I thought. Yes, this is definitely going to be interesting. I thought maybe he had gone to sleep or was meditating as he hadn't said anything for a while. So it startled me when he said, "This is Henrietta. She will be helping Lumen and I."

And this is where we are as of 1:30 my time. What's going on? What are Choc, Lumen, and Henrietta up to? What is their business?

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