Above and Beyond

8:07 PM

Bird Nest Watercolor   © Laure Ferlita

There are people you meet out in cyber space that touch your heart in unexpected ways - their kindness, their will to live, the joy with which they live. It seems that we, or at least I, seldom take the time to say, "Thank you for sharing your life, your joy, your time with me." I mean we don't really know them, do we?  And then sometimes we find out too late that we cannot say these words to them, our opportunity is gone.

I dedicate this post to Heidi, a cyber buddy, that has lost a fierce and ferocious battle with cancer. She lived life as much as she could, with an attitude of joy and thankfulness. She appreciated her family, her friends, and the online community that rallied around her in support with each new round of cancer treatments. She will be so sorely missed - she was one of the good ones!

I also dedicate this to neighbors that go out of their way to help in little and big ways. For being there in times of unexpected need. For caring. For lifting us up - sometimes physically - so that we are comforted. For being with us so that we don't have to be alone. Good neighbors are on the Endangered Species list, but they're not gone yet. 

I hope you'll take a moment to reach out to a cyber buddy or a friend or a neighbor and let them know you care, that you enjoy reading their posts, or their company. It only takes a moment. 

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