On-Location Classes

Looking Forward To LIVE, In Person Classes Again!

There is nothing quite like being in the same room with the instructor and other students! You can see more and absorb more as you watch the demo for the class project and you'll learn a great deal from other students and how they approach the project. 

As the pandemic is finally showing signs of slowing down, I am hopeful to be posting a schedule here of the new classes I'll be doing live. Until then, I hope you'll join me on Zoom as that's the next best thing to being there. To see the latest class offerings, please click here.

Sweet Memories From A Few Short Years Ago!  

At a recent class at the Beach Art Center: Sea stars, beautiful stars, everywhere! It was quite exciting to see the individual stars emerge as we created our pages. Everyone did a super job (and there were even donuts—YUM!).

At a recent class at Creative Art Supply: It's always so much fun to see everyone's interpretation of the class project and the Colorful Art Journal class was especially amazing! Take a look at some of these fabulous journals:


What Students Are Saying: 

"You're the first art teacher that has taught me I could do this on my own rather than only when I'm parked in a classroom and you've inspired me to try!" - SF 
"Thank you for teaching me. You did not just show me, you explained the steps to me so I could understand why I was doing something. Thank you!" - RA
"Easy to follow [project], fun class and great presentation. Laure was patient and encouraging! I'll be back."- CL 
"I had no idea what I was doing as a first time student and I could not be more thrilled with my flamingo! This was fun. I cannot wait to try new subjects." - NS 

Past Classes:
Saturday, September 24th: So many gorgeous seashells!
It always amazes me to see all the different interpretations of an page you get when everyone starts off from the same starting place. Color and pattern choices along with varying page sizes gave everyone's final page a very unique look but all were filled with fabulous seashells! If you can, please come and join us next time!

Saturday, July 23rd: You should have joined us for Ice Cream and Stencils!
Oh, wow, what a fun class! Here are three of the ladies from class and their sketchbooks. It was fun to see what everyone came up with and no two turned out the same. I hope you can come and join us next time. 

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