August Fledgling

5:48 AM

Frantic or panicked (it was hard to tell which) cheeping brought me to the windows overlooking our backyard. 

A quick scanned revealed no small bodies on the ground near the windows. 

A small quiver of movement drew my eyes to the fence where this wobbly puffball was hanging on for dear life! My concerns of the baby having fallen from the nest quickly evaporated as I watched a parent land on a nearby branch to oversee the hysterics. 

This brave little soul flapped around on the fence before getting a little more adventuresome and heading over to a branch a little lower than the parent was perched on. It then went into a tumbling dive that had it landing (mostly) on its feet in the grass before it launched for the top of the fence again. 

Luckily for me, the fuzz puff on the fence was backlit and I was able to see all those sweet downy bits trying to escape!! 

Such a cutie as it bumbled around, trying to figure out those flappy things called wings.

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