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5:28 AM

More often than not, I find myself working in patterns and much of the time it's subconsciously until the pattern can no longer be ignored. Case in point: two upcoming beach classes full of fun!

Sea Urchins are so much fun to create on the page that it's hard to stop. Kinda like potato chips, you cannot have just one.

These sea creatures are created by using two pieces of paper to give them the look of having an "interior" and we'll use white ink to quickly and easily recreate the dots on the outer shell.

Sound like your kind of fun?!

Come and play with me at Keeton's Office and Art Supply on Saturday, February 10th at 9 AM.

Click here for more info on the class and for info on how to register!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Starting Thursday, February 15th, come and enjoy found treasures, boardwalks, beach structures and the gorgeous views during An Imaginary Visit To The Beach!

We'll spend four weeks exploring and enjoy the warm sun and salty breezes. Who knows we might even see a dolphin or two, maybe a sea turtle!

We'll work on our sketching and page layout skills.

For more information on the class, please click here to come and join me for this online adventure!

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  1. Sounds like fun Laure. Sea Urchins look like interesting subjects. Hope you have a lovely time at the beach.


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