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A Month of Gratitude Spread
Most of us have lives full of blessings. I know mine is beyond blessed, but I find that sometimes I lose sight of the bounty because I focus on lack or the wrong things.

Sound familiar?

I invite you to a Month Of Gratitude. This isn't a challenge and it isn't daily, but rather it is a simple recording—in your sketchbook—of those blessings, simple kindnesses and heartfelt thanks we take note of throughout the month of November.

My first entry was about the two sweet trick-or-treaters we had on Halloween...and their guard cat! I kid you not. The cat was following them from house to house, keeping an eye on things along with Mom & Dad. The two little girls were adorable and dressed as Betty and Wilma.
I just realized I misnamed Betty and Wilma—oops!
Since I was still smiling about the cat the next day, I decided that would be my first entry: I'm thankful for humorous "guard cats!"

My spread is in my Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook (another blessing as I love these sketchbooks!). I went ahead and added some stamps and ink to colorize the page so that I don't have to paint every entry.  I used some of the new Distress Oxide stamp pads in the Tim Holtz line for the colored background. Love that splotchy background!

I'm not really sure where the pages are going to go, but I do know I'll have a record of those easily missed blessings to remind me of how full my life truly is.

Wanna play?

There are no rules, no obligations, no prompts. Just pull out your sketchbook and start recording those unexpected kindnesses and blessings that we don't normally give much thought to whenever you're so moved. If you share on social media, please use the hashtag, #novembersketchbookgratitude so we can find each other's posts!

I wish you a month of blessings, unexpected kindnesses and a world of awareness!

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2 Creative Thought(s)

  1. This post came in the nick of time. I love this meme, prompt or what ever you are calling it. I will certainly try to carry on...

  2. Oh Laure - was visiting Kathy and saw November's gratitude challenge...great way to remind ourselves of so many blessings. Think I will join in. Take care and have a wonderful day.


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