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5:23 PM

I guess it was inevitable though I didn't see it until last week—we're going to visit Marie Selby Botanical Gardens! These gardens are spectacular and given Florida's mild winter, everything is busting out in glorious colors EVERYWHERE!

Registration for An Imaginary Trip To Selby Gardens will open on Friday, March 24th, as the sign up process will be changing for all of the classes.
You will now have the option of taking the class in an interactive environment with a blog and feedback from me and your fellow travelers
you can opt to have the class materials for a year, work at your own pace and not worry about interacting on the blog.

If there is sufficient interest, I may add a third option where you can join the blog AND keep the materials for a year after the interactive portion of the class is complete, but that's down the road a bit!

I think in the long run, this will serve us all much better and eliminate some of the double work I've been doing that slows down making the classes available over at

As always, please let me know what questions you have!

P.S. If you're going to be in Florida on June 24th, check the sidebar for an exciting workshop opportunity!

P.S.S. Next, we're going somewhere hot, sunny and red! Any guesses!?!

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7 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Thanks so much for offering some more classes this year. If we opt not to be part of the blog we would not get your feedback either?

  2. Hi, Sharon, yes, that is correct. The only place I would offer feedback would be through the interactive blog.

  3. Great news! I would love the opportunity to explore Shelby Gardens while I'm way out here in California. My first choice is to take the active class with the blog and feedback, but I'm also interested in the longer access to continue after the live class to revisit the videos to do more images from the class, or to paint some of my own photos from my travels -- option 3.

  4. I sunny and red? In stumped! But also interested and curious! 😉

  5. Can't wait for Selby garden. We spent a day there when I was in FL last month and it was beautiful. Hmmm...sunny and red. I give!

  6. I'm with Claire-blog, feedback and longer access.


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