Playing Around With Lettering

10:33 AM

Many of you know that back in October, Chris and I decided to open a booth at a vintage market, Picker's Place in Plant City. One of the side benefits of this adventure has been the opportunity to use my creativity in unexpected the sign you see above.

It's not perfect lettering and it didn't need to be for what it is—an attention grabbing sign! It was soooo much fun to do not to mention quick! (I copied the original for extra copies rather than lettering four different signs. It also stands out in the booth, letting folks know we have a few things we're looking to move out to new homes.

I love that I'm finding new and practical outlets for some of my creative energy!

Below is a peek at our booth:
This was taken during December. If you look closely, you'll see more lettering on the wall. You'll also see that insanely cool guitar lamp my uber-talented hubby made from a real guitar! Isn't that awesome?!
Here's a close up of the guitar lamp. It still has the strings and the volume knob is how you turn the light on and off! (Since I have "connections" to the guy who creates these beauties, I also have one hanging out in my living room!)

The clipboard was another opportunity to play around with yet more lettering (see a trend here?). It's a paper/cardboard clipboard from a discount market and was about to go in the trash. I slapped some chalkboard paint on it and spent a few very happy hours lettering out the saying.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy adding an artistic touch to ordinary things and in unusual places. Sure, a lamp is a lamp, a wall is a wall, but why not add some flair to both by looking for ways to add your artistic style?!

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3 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Dear Laure - your sign is wonderful as well as your hubby's guitar. What a creative endeavor. You are always full of so much inspiration. Take care and have a great week.

  2. So fun to see some use of your artistic talents here. Your lettering on your sign is very lively and eye-catching. I especially like the highlights in combination with shadows for the "January Sale" lettering, and the way that lettering "bounces" across the page. Love the extra whimsical touches to the words "look" and "tags". With the lettering on the wall and your hubby's creative guitar lamp ... you guys are really taking your artistic talents "beyond the page"! ;-)

  3. Hey, Laure! I totally missed this post. I love, love, love your booth, and the lamp is so cool.


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