When To Sketch...And When Not To

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Alternate Title: Feeding The Fish

A fanciful interpretation of a Sheephead
Got a few minutes? Let me tell you about our fishing trip last Friday. Our family gave my father-in-law (FIL) a voucher for a fishing trip for his birthday back in September and you know how it goes, we assled (southern word) around and time got away from us.
White Egret looking for an early breakfast
Fast forward to the first of the year and my FIL was in a panic thinking he was going to lose the trip because the voucher was about to expire, so plans were made. And fell through because the weather is kinda iffy out on the water at this time of year with all weather fronts moving through. (Apologies to my Northern friends, I know this is nothing compared to what you're dealing with!)
Gulfport Marina
Finally, the date was set—February 12th and...the weather holds! It's kinda cool and there's a front scheduled to move in, but we're going. Now there is some kind of a law that says you have to go early if you're going to do anything outside (in Florida) and if you're with my FIL, you'll be there even earlier than early.

Unfortunately, the guy with the boat did not get the "early memo" and was not there early. This left us plenty of time to explore the marina. This took about 10 minutes. After that, we started bird watching...osprey, sparrows, egrets and a big blue heron (which I missed getting a photo of). It sounded a little like Jurassic Park with all the bird cries.
He was dissuade from going fishing with us
after being shooed away from the boat
Boat guy shows up, gets the boat in the water, gets bait and we're on our way.

The next three and half hours include watching the dolphin, catching fish (and throwing the little ones back), motor issues, being towed, more fishing and finally, coming back in. As they* say, "a bad** day fishing beats the best day in the office."
Engine trouble on the water. This is the tow
boat taking us back to shore.

*They as in expert fisherpeople.
**This was in no way a bad day!

Blue skies, sunshine, and biting fish—the recipe for a most excellent day on the water!
Keepers of the day
As for the title of this post, there are times to sketch and there are times not to. I found between the movement of the boat, the boat wakes, the cold and the general environment (wet), I was not inclined to attempt to sketch. even though I had my sketching stuff. The boat was a tight fit for five people with each of us constantly casting, reeling in fish, getting hung on the rocks below and baiting hooks.
The Fishin' Ferlitas!
Could it have been done? Yes. However, after weighing the odds of dropping my sketchbook (probably overboard, knowing me) and/or being in the way of the others, it didn't seem worth the attempt. I waited until I was home and the floor had quit moving before sitting down to sketch.

Up above you see my take on a colorful Sheephead rather than with its normal coloring. An excellent reminder of a super fun day with family doing something we all love. And we still have the fish fry to look forward to! Yum!!


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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. It sounds perfect. Fun Fish and Family. How could it be better. This is the way a lot of my trips are done. Just too much fun going on to be able to sketch right at the time. Lots of photos required. That Snow Egret is very handsome with it's golden slippers.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. That really sounds like a great time! I am one of those who truly believes the quote "A bad day fishing is better than a good day at the office"! I love fishing and it's a good way to unwind, relax and be one with nature! Glad you and the family had a chance to enjoy it!

  3. Dear Laure - this sounds like a super way to spend a day. Your photo of the egret is awesome. Such a lovely bird. Looks like the Ferlitas know how to fish too. Have a wonderful day - Hugs!

  4. ...your tails of fishing made me laugh (and the southern word did too...I like it!). I love the page you did afterwards.


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