Unicorns, Mice, and FlipFlops!!!

11:49 AM

Now that's a headline I never thought I'd write, but you just never know, do you?!

Actually, all of those items have to do with upcoming classes at ImaginaryTrips.com and Keeton's Art Supply in Bradenton. Whether online or in person, I hope you can join me for some sketching fun!

First up, how about immortalizing our favorite, summertime shoes, the ever-present FlipFlops? (Well, they're ever-present in Florida anyway!) Any time I work on capturing two similar items or sides, like FlipFlops or a vase, I employ tracing paper to make sure I'm getting like shapes and sizes. Come on down to Keeton's on Saturday, July 25th to learn more!
The thistle is the national flower of Scotland (and we'll be seeing plenty of those!)
If you're nowhere near Florida, hop online and join me for some fun on An Imaginary Trip To Scotland! Did you know that the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn?! (I kid you not! Google it if you'd like.) While I can't promise we'll see any of those on our trip, I have no doubt we'll be in for a visual treat of castles, ruins, serene lochs and beautiful, rugged mountains. For more information, please click HERE. I do hope you'll come and join me! Class begins on Thursday, August 13th!
The Mamam sculpture outside of the Guggenheim • Bilbao
Did you know that Spain is means "land of the rabbits" or that they do not have a tooth fairy? Instead, they have a mouse called "Ratoncito Pérez" that leaves behind small surprises! Spain's culture is rich and varied. The landscapes range from high mountainous areas to vineyards to vast cities. They say you'll come for a visit and want to stay a life time—let's go find out, shall we?

The Imaginary Trip To Spain will begin on Thursday, September 17th. You can learn more about the class by clicking this LINK. It's gonna be fun!

I hope to see you soon!!

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3 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I thought I'd left a comment. Just saying I love your flipflop page. Those are some bright flipflops. Mine are all rather plain.

  2. Dear Laure- those flip flops are super. What a great tip about tracing the one side. Going to give this a try. Did not know the thistle is Scotland's national flower. Your imaginary trips sound like great fun. Have a super day.

  3. Ratoncito Perez! He sounds so cute...and these classes sound great.
    ...also...love the sunflowers on those flip-flops!


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