Acorns and Wishes

12:05 PM

Watercolor, watercolor pencil, ink and charcoal
The other morning I found myself in a parking lot full of acorns and you know I just had to pick some up!

And this time I had a good reason…I did a class last week at Keeton's Office and Art Supplies on Autumn's Garden and the bounty to be found there. We painted some of the acorns.

But I gotta tell you, I probably would have picked them up anyway as they were huge! I think they were from a red oak(?) and I fell in love with them.

Looking at an acorn, you usually see a hint of green, umber, ochres, yellows, a few golds and maybe some gray. Not so exciting when I look at all the fun colors I have in my palette.

So I decided a fantasy acorn was just what I needed to dispel the icky weather we've been having lately.

Above is the result of playing with all kinds of color as well as media. There's a little bit of everything in there.

I can't say I'm wild about the end result as it looks nothing like I had in my head, but I can say it was fun and it scratched the itch of painting an acorn.

Back in the parking lot, as I looked up into the tree I was standing under, I could see gobs and gobs of acorns still on the tree…a very bountiful crop this year…and I thought about Mother Nature's approach to the future.

She didn't put all her hope into one acorn, but into thousands and that was from just ONE tree!

She knew that some acorns would feed the woodland creatures and some would fall onto concrete for crazy humans like me to pick up.

Some would fall to the mower's blades and others would fall in an inhospitable environment, so she made sure there were enough that maybe, just maybe, a few of those acorns would grow into themselves to become big, strong oak trees.

I often find myself too focused on the one acorn rather than a more bountiful approach of several acorns. Perhaps you can relate?

However, I've been quite fortunate and blessed to find that my acorn has taken root and continues to grow daily ( Another acorn, Imaginary Trips Made Real, is thriving with a trip to the beach coming up in January—if you want to interrupt winter, there's still time! Click on the box at the top of the page for more info.

My friends and family are also blessings though some are more like squirrels than acorns. As we *supposably* slow down for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states, I am taking stock of all of my acorns and how much they've grown this year.

Thanks to all of you who've come to be part of my world via classes, the blog, the internet and FB groups. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I wish you the very best of blessings for the season.

May you find your acorns have grown as well.

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Dear Laure - beautiful post. Love your colorful acorn. You did a great job with this sketch. I just love it. See you use Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils. Do you like them? Always interested in trying out new supplies. Have never used these. Hope you have a delightful Thanksgiving. I think your acorns have grown well my friend. Thanks always for what you share here.

  2. I love your acorn page! Those plentiful acorns and what happens to them sounds like my plans and schemes. Some take hold a bit, some not at all and some turn into trees although they aren't always the tree I expect! Thanks for sharing the tale and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Laure, I love this post! It so resonates in what my life should be...plentiful with the things that "fill my cup"! I know I am a "work in progress" and hope I'm not alone! But this post tells me the "Acorns" I do have in my life have grown strong and I cherish them with all my heart! I hope you know you are one of those "Acrons"! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  4. Beautiful page. I am so looking forward to interrupting winter with you in less than 2 months! I am very thankful for internet friends like you.


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