UPDATED!!!! More On The Messy Desks Of Creatives

11:36 AM

This post was suppose to go up on Monday. Then Tuesday. Then Wednesday…you get the picture. And here it is Friday! Time has a way of flying no matter if you're having fun or not, but let's not get off on that tangent.

Several wonderful folks reached out to me to let me know their desks were messy too after seeing this post. (Yay! Now I don't feel like such an oddball. Okay, maybe I still do but for different reasons.)

So, without further ado…

The lovely Elva of Elva's Field Notes (great blog—check it out!) sent me photos of her desk and talked about some of the items that had landed there: bag of wild rice, jewelry, projects in progress and the usual mail and receipts that just seem to migrate to horizontal surfaces as if by magic:

Elva's Desk from Elva's Field Notes Blog
Elva's Desk from Elva's Field Notes Blog
The wonderful Timaree from Freebird Drawing (another great blog) also sent me an image of her adorable workspace. She's recently moved to California which brought about lots of changes to her creative lifestyle:
Love the fun colors, Timaree!
Desk Area Close-Up
The lovely Ms. Winna (you can see her fabulous work over on Flickr) sent over a quick snap of her work area too, but she's not all that messy if you ask me. In fact, she admits to cleaning up after each session to keep sane. Ah, to have such good habits:
Love the organization, Winna!
Kathy from over at CatchingHappiness.com sent me a photo of her desk as well. I'm not sure this qualifies as truly messy! However, she does have a "helper" in stirring the creative juices…Ms. Prudy is seen here in all her glory, taking a time out from "rearranging" and "redistributing" items normally found on the desk top. But isn't she cute?! She'd be hard to scold, dontcha know!
Is that a bundle of furry perfection…or destruction? 
And lastly...unless someone wants to send me a shot of their workspace…is another shot of my desk. I cleaned it up. Really. I did, but by the following Friday, you (nor I) can tell it. I think this is partly because I'm a flyby artist—when I can grab 5 minutes. When I'm desperate for a break from technology, I dive into the studio and then rush out again. Sigh. Thy name is messy:
Lots of pen work going on
If you have a photo of your desk you'd like to share, send it on! I'll add them to the post as they come in. It's nice to catch a glimpse into others' creatives lives, kinda like a peek through a keyhole of a closed door.

Thanks to all who have shared as it's nice to know we're not so very different after all!

Okay, two of these I forgot! My apologies to Jan and to Jeanne…can you tell I'm a little scattered these days?

So, Jeanne posted this image on her blog a few days back. You can just see her studio buddy below the table. Seems a lot of us have furry companions!
Jeanne Grant's Worktable
And Jan Faught, a traveler I met through Imaginary Trips, shared this image of her workspace:
Don't you just LOVE those fabulously yummy colors?!
Clare from Bear's Traveling Circus blog also sent over a quick peek of her studio that's a corner of her living room. Of course, like a lot of us, she admits to having lots of crafts spread out all over the house!
Love seeing all the fun things artists collect to put on their desks!
You're very organized, Clare!
Okay, anyone else want to join in the messy-desk fun!?! Keep checking back!

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Love it! I feel downright neat! Of course, I didn't send photos of the piles on the floor...

    I hate to put things away because I forget about them. I'm working on a system (haha) of reminders so that every single project that I want to accomplish in the next six months doesn't have to be on top of my desk (or, let's face it, on the floor of my office). It's still a work in progress, however.

  3. This was such fun. Thanks Laure for sharing these. Just a personal note about the silhouette in the first picture of my space. It is a silhouette of me when I was in second grade. My teacher had a silhouette artist come to our class. She cut the silhouettes of each student free hand, then we made them into a card for Mother's Day. I had no idea that my mother had kept this and found it among her art supplies after she died. What a special treasure.

  4. Ha! That all looks very familiar. I have 2 tables and the surplus junk is swapped between the 2 of them - unless they are both full...

  5. This is fun. I need to take a pix of mine. :) I recently sat at that desk of Elva's discussing art and testing paints and I recognize the work in the photo. Its always fun to see what other artists are working at and on.

  6. Such fun seeing these working spaces. I am glad everyone didn't "clean" up their space before the pictures were taken. I mean, really, my space gets cleaned up occasionally, before company comes usually but it and all I do are works in progress thus the mess.

  7. My favorite Haiku comes from a dear friend, long gone now ….

    So immaculate this house
    it emanates a vacuum
    as does its mistress …. Phyllis Lesher

    I don't think any of us need to worry about falling into this trap!

  8. I thought these were going to be pictures of "messy" desks. :-) Actually they all look pretty inspiring to me!


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