Two Kittens and A Naked Tree

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Two Kittens and A Naked Tree
Watercolor and Ink
Stillman and Birn Bound Beta Journal
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Most of you who read the blog now know that Chris and I have been acquired by two kittens and it has had a definite impact on our lives.

One of things we wondered about was how the kittens and a Christmas tree would get along together.

This past Sunday, we put the tree up, sans ornaments, for a trial run.

As we pulled the various parts out of the box, the kittens came to investigate. Before long Moby was running around jumping in and out of the boxes, attacking anything that moved, nibbling on "branches" and in general, getting under foot and in the way.

Willis was a little more reserved and sat back to observe before deciding it was okay to launch herself into the boxes and give everything the "sniff test of approval."

But Willis couldn't outdone by that young upstart (Moby) and quickly decided she needed to be in the thick of things as well.

This, of course, lead to much chasing and smacking and attacking—in short, they had a blast.

And in case you're wondering about Joey, he was all the way on the other side of the room, tucked up safe and sound in his bed away from the bedlam.

The tree stood unmolested for just over 24 hours before we watched Willis climb up into the tree.

Willis in the tree

We had hoped. (Yes, we were in denial.)

This left a frustrated Moby on the ground going into attack mode. She'd swipe at any part of Willis she could reach and it became quite the game of seek and attack.

With Moby on the attack, Willis climbed higher to get out of her reach. So far, she's reach the middle of the tree, about three feet from the ground.

And that really frustrated Moby!

What's a kitten to do but figure out how to get her furry behind up in the tree?

Moby hanging out in the tree
And so she did.

More sighing.

Before the night was over, I watched Moby run around the end of the love seat and straight at the tree (another six or seven feet) before she launched into the bottom of the tree without ever breaking stride or slowing down. Just like there was nothing to it…


In a little over 48 hours of the tree going up, we went to two kittens in a tree!

Updated Page and Tree
I decided to update the page to reflect the triumph of both kittens and to add the tail at the bottom of the page. 

I used a piece of scrap paper to create the sign and then glued it down. I used a white Uniball Signo pen to add the lettering and "string" to hold the sign on the tree. 

What I don't think we'll be changing is the "naked" part. 

I just don't see the tree being decorated this year. 

All those swing babbles…

I can just see disaster looming...

Yeah…not happening!

And Happy 21st Anniversary to my honey!

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Love the page and this post. I think the picture of Moby in the tree would make a great Christmas card!

    I'm expecting a bit of the same from Moby's sister, though at least I don't have two to egg each other on. We have an ornament tree that we put up every year with special (meaning fancy and very breakable) ornaments... don't think that will be happening this year. I don't know if we have a surface high enough in this house to keep Prudy out of it.

    1. Good luck to you! I decided it simply not worth the hassle and worry to put out any of our glass stuff and I really don't think we're going to decorate the tree…that way, we can all enjoy the holiday!

  2. What excitement! For years, when our springer was a younger dog, we would never leave the house without spreading the vacuum cleaner all around the base of the tree, because he was, and still is, frightened of the vacuum. It worked to keep him away from all those tempting ornaments. Now that he's more mature, it's not an issue. Great page and story! And congratulations on your anniversary!

    1. LOVE that idea, Ann! The only problem is that while all our of cats are deathly afraid of the vacuum, it's only when it is on that the fear works. Otherwise, they don't recognize it as an enemy.

  3. Well first off, Happy Anniversary!
    I have a lot of unbreakable ornaments that I have used over the years, especially towards the bottom half of the tree. Most are handmade by me or gifted by family but a few were bought at craft fairs. This takes a lot of anxiety away from the animals getting hurt or hurting anything. I have always put breakable ornaments on also but towards the top and had no problem but I've never had two kittens before either! Puppies and single kittens are a different story altogether over two kitties trying to outdo each other.
    Love your picture. The tree looks great and the added sign really finishes off the page.

    By the way, my 8 year old cat is slowly getting used to my newest dog. I have found her sleeping near him the last two nights (on my bed next to me). At first she wouldn't go near him but he just won't leave her alone even though she will attack and bite him pretty hard if he becomes a bother. I have had to intervene several times. But, she's adjusting to him and even wanting to be around him when he isn't so rambunctious now. Hopefully Joey will slowly adjust - it's taken almost 8 months for my cat!

    1. Over the years, I've done the same with unbreakable stuff at the bottom of the tree. We've even wired the ribbon to the branches, but I just don't see that working well with two weasels climbing in the tree this year. So glad to hear your cat and dog are getting along, Timaree! It's sooo much better when harmony reigns!

  4. Replies
    1. It's been fun and it's been crazy, and it had been highly entertaining as well.

  5. We haven't even put up a tree since we got our dog and cat, let alone putting ornaments on. I love your page and the pics of the kitties in the tree are too precious.

  6. What a delightful post. Great pictures of the kittens in the tree. My daughter has a new kitten this year. It has been fun to hear her stories too. Congrats on your 21st.

  7. That is so funny! I remember my cat getting involved with tinsel...and he ATE it. You can imagine the consequences, thank goodness it didn't involve a vet and surgery.
    have fun!


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