Sweet Treat Or Wicked Trick!?! A GIVEAWAY!

11:00 AM

Download the witch file below!
Several years ago I bought a Halloween banner to adorn the outside of my office wall when I was part of the cubicle nation. I felt pretty witchy in those dark days and it suited my mood to a "T!"

I've always admired the work of the art. When I pulled it out of my trick or treat box a few weeks ago and hung it up, I found myself thinking about creating a witch of my own. (Incidentally, mine looks nothing like the original—as usual, I went for the details!)

Sitting down with my Stillman and Birn Beta sketchbook, this is what appeared. I googled images of old women and old hands and went to work with a pencil. I used eyes from one woman, a nose from another and the mouth from yet another. I later "inked" it with a Pentel black pigmented ink Color Brush.

Scanning the witch, I decided to offer it to you in two ways

First, you can download the file for your own personal use. Please, no commercial use and no selling the art. The original is here. Please right click to save image to your desktop.

Second, if you print out the art and add color, collage it into other work or use it in some new way, then scan or photo your artwork and send it to me via the email box in the side bar, you'll be entered into
Another GIVEAWAY!! 
(There's a clue up above as to the prize!) 

I will post all images I receive on the blog on Tuesday, November 5th. Please have the art to me no later than midnight EST, Monday, November 4th. I will reveal the giveaway "treat" and the winner* in the post. Please email me the art via the email box on the sidebar.

The original size of the artwork is approximately 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

*Prize will be awarded based on a random draw and not on the artwork. Regardless of number of pieces of art submitted by the artist, the artist's name will only be submitted once for the drawing of a sweet treat.

Wishing everyone a safe and 
Happy Hallow's Eve!

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9 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I think she is not a wicked witch. She has kind eyes even though she is snaggle toothed and old.

    1. Interesting, Lisa, it never crossed my mind whether or not she was wicked or not! I think she's probably kind, but I do see mischief in her eyes!

  2. indeed lots of character for this drawing Laure' - greetings.

  3. Yikes! That's one scary witch! Very creative. I have to agree with Lisa, though. When you really look at her, you can tell she's a funny and kind witch...the eyes tell it...and that little smile! :-) Happy Halloween! Thank you for the download.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. She's scheming. Don't know what, but she's scheming up something!

  4. I wish my printer would print on watercolor paper but I w see what I can do! I agree she does not look wicked but most witches really weren't and aren't. This works with what I have in mind anyhow!

  5. Medicare doesn't have dental. lol.

  6. She looks ragged with time, but the smile on her faces tells me that she's got lots of interesting stories she could share. Very cool!


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