Unorthodox Cat Toys

1:21 PM

Cat Toy Masquerading As A Pillow
Ink with Watercolor
Stillman and Birn Beta Sketchbook
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Autumn has already arrived at our house despite temperatures in the mid-90's. (To that end, I've recently bought a few pillows, a wreath and some other things to help usher in the season in the hopes of convincing myself it really isn't 107º! [It's not. It just feels like it.])

So imagine my surprise, annoyance, aggravation, frustration, disappointment when the kitten decided the new pillows made GREAT play toys.


Willis has a blast attacking the wonderful, big balls of soft cushiness. The material is a soft suede and feels good to the touch. However, they're also great to hide things under and then hunt before pouncing on them for the kill. In fact, the pillows spend about as much time on the floor as they do on the furniture.

Since it is doubtful they'll be in great condition by the time fall is over, I figured I'd better commemorate them in my sketchbook so that I could remember them before they're torn to shreds.

About the Sketch:
Because I wanted the pillow to stand out and I was short on time, I chose to paint only the pillow. By adding color in one area only, I can direct the eye to the my Center of Interest (COI).

This works well when you have a sketch that has an area that has a mistake in it or didn't turn out so hot. You may or may not notice that I fudged the lamp shade as well as the line running across the bottom of the couch.

I attempted to fix the line on the couch only to draw it in crooked again.

Still, chances are good you may not have noticed had I not pointed out the mistakes.

That's the cool thing about art—we get to use all kinds of tools and methods to hide the flaws...we just have to know how!

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. It's still a great sketch. I noticed the wonky lamp but I have two wonky lamps that stay that way no matter how many times I straighten them so I just figured that was the case here. I love the pillow in color against the pen drawing. I'll have to remember about the way it can "cover-up" an off drawing but it is a neat way to draw even if everything is spot-on. Your kitty will probably grow out of this stage by next fall so you can have pretty pillows then. Maybe. Lol.

  2. That silly kitty. It is fun watching him play no doubt. Sort of like having a baby in a highchair and they throw their toy on the floor just to have you pick it up. Have a good weekend.

  3. Love the pillow. It's a shame Willis has decided they are his toys. Love your idea to commemorate them in your sketchbook.

  4. Willis sounds a lot like my Buster, who plays with and destroys anything and everything. It's a good thing our furniture was old when we got him! He's 3 1/2 now and shows no signs of stopping, although he's a little better. So I wouldn't hold out too much hope of being able to set out the pillows by next fall! LOL!! I was so focused on your beautiful pillow I didn't notice the "mistakes". In fact, before I clicked on the picture to enlarge it (and before I read the post) I thought you glued in a piece of the fabric.


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