This Just In: Husbands Are Funny Creatures

2:10 PM

Double blue peanut M&M candy
Stillman & Birn Beta Journal
Yes, husbands are funny (odd) creatures.

This may not be a newsflash to you.

Actually, it isn't one for me either and before I get a bunch of "hate mail" just let me go ahead and acknowledge that the same could be said of wives.

Why do I feel compelled to share this non-newsflash with you?


The other evening my husband walked in and placed this double, blue peanut M&M candy on my desk and said "I heart you."
Click to enlarge (it's easier to see)
Full page, watercolor in
Stillman and Birn Beta Journal
Wasn't that sweet?

We all get busy—too busy—in life and forget that it only takes a minute to remember someone in such a way that makes them feel special.

Chris knows I love peanut M&Ms.

He knows that I love unusual heart-shapes.

And look at that…he remembered me during his day and then gave me the reminder that let me know that he was thinking about me when I wasn't around.

It's the little things that count.

Because little things get lost in the day-to-day of daily life, I created a journal page.

And then I ate the candy!

Has your honey-bunny, baby cakes done anything (big or small) for you lately?!

Wishing everyone in the US a fabulous, safe, patriotic Fourth of July!

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14 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Oh, that is very sweet! I totally agree with you that our male species are very funny creatures who truly do surprise us from time to time! I like it this way because it's more special! Tell Mr. Chris, he's a keeper!

    1. Ah, Myra, you know he's going to be impossible to live with if I tell him that!

  2. My Odd Creature sugars my tea every morning. I am so spoiled. I sure do miss his attention when I go someplace without him. Your MR is sweet too. What a romantic gesture.

    1. Sounds like you've got a very wonderful 'odd creature,' Lisa!

  3. Oh yes. He had my daughter bring me gift certificates for 2 pounds of See's chocolates as a 4th of July surprise! My daughter got to get 2 pounds for herself and her daughter's too!

    My husband doesn't like blue M&M's so I get them all but I agree one shaped as a heart and given as a token of love for no special reason is terrific. The small moments are important, sometimes more important than official declarations like a Valentine or Anniversary.

    Your M&M looks so real too!

    1. A box of chocolate—yummy! I agree that it's way more fun to get something on an ordinary day than on a holiday or anniversary.

  4. That is a lovely story. My DH did something similar recently but it was with a dead dragonfly. He knew I'd love to draw it, but it was still very odd.

    1. Your guy sounds a lot like mine...I have a raccoon skull and a wolf spider currently on my desk—"presents" from my DH. Kinda cool that they "get us," don't you think!?!

  5. How sweet! Those little gestures mean so much, even more than gifts or cards on "expected" days. I love that you kept the page so simple, and the placement of the heart-shaped M&M.

    1. Thanks, KJ! It was such a simple gesture but the thought behind it was what I wanted to capture.

  6. He's a keeper for sure. Mine has been very supportive lately while we deal with my mom who's been ill - makes me appreciate him SO MUCH!

    1. Oh, goodness, Cheryl, I hate reading about your mom. That's stressful for all of you, I'm sure. Thinking about you!

  7. I agree that you've found a keeper! How sweet for him to tune into your love of peanut M&M's but also the fascination with 'heart' shapes! Very sweet. Love your image.

  8. ....aaaahhhhhh! priceless! :-)


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