Baby Owlets!!

9:01 AM

Last evening when Chris and I came home from dinner with my father-in-law, I heard a very strange noise when I opened my car door. Trying to place the noise, I started out of the garage onto the driveway.

As soon as I stepped out I identified the source. We have a large population of Northern Cardinals that live around our house and they were highly agitated. In fact, I've never heard them put up this kind of racket.

We have two huge Maple trees in our front yard and almost immediately, I saw something move—a baby owl!

Between the darkness, the rain and my rush,
the image turned out fuzzy
Then, as my eyes adjusted to the dark and the rain, I spotted a second baby! I decided it was time to run for the camera.

Back out in the yard, I tried to focus on the two babies and the flash clicked up startling one of the owlets into flight. As I refocused another one that I had not noticed took off—three babies!

The one who remained seemed far more curious than afraid, twisting his/her head around as if trying to get a better look at me and the big black thing in my hands.
"Hey, guys, where ya goin'?! Don't leave me
by myself with this crazy woman standing
in the rain!"
Within minutes the three had regrouped over in some trees in the side yard, however, I was only ever able to get two in a shot.
There are two owlets in the image one on the right that's easy to see
and one on the far left, near the top—see him? He's peeking out
at the camera from behind the vines!
I know there were three for sure. There may have been 4. We never saw them all together as two were rather shy. The babies weren't more than six or seven inches tall. If it's the same type of owls we've seen around before, they're baby Screech owls. 

Needless to say, I'll be finding more reasons to be out in the yard for the next weeks—with camera in hand—on the off chance that I might see them again!

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. How exciting to have baby owls in your garden. FUN CAn't wait to see sketches of these little darlings.

    1. They were quite wet and bedraggled—not sure if I'll try to sketch them or not, but they sure were cute!

  2. Oh! you are so lucky!!! I hope you have lots of encounters.

  3. I volunteer at a raptor center where we have three Eastern Screech Owls. These owls in your backyard are actually fully grown adults. Most people do mistake them for baby owlets because they are so small - only measuring 6-7 inches tall when full grown. What fun to see 3-4 in your backyard all at once! They are excellent hunters and love to eat small mice, large cockroaches and small lizards. They have a distinctive call at night - either trilling or whinnying similar to a horse. Can't wait to see more pics! LOVE your blog!!! : )

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Michelle! I had no idea those were adults. I wonder if one might have been the baby with the two adults? S/he was sure curious, twisting its little head every which way to see me while the others simply left.

      We hear owls quite frequently and we have a bumper crop of lizards so that makes a lot of sense too.

      Hopefully, I'll get to see them again soon—right now we're having lots of rain.

  4. Oh wish I could see an Owl. I never have here. Course one has to go OUTSIDE at night to see them. In the summer it stays light until almost ten here, by then I am asleep. :)) Great shots and good timing on being there at the right time.

    1. Do you ever hear them, Cris? We often do and this is the second time of seen them—once in the middle of the day!! Don't give up hope!

  5. How cool! Hopefully they'll hang out there long enough for you to sketch them, too.

  6. It's wonderful that you got these shots - we hear lots of owls but don't get to see them that often. No wonder the other birds were agitated....those owls have some long claws.
    Lovely shots of the curious one - so beautiful

  7. Wow, these pictures are amazing! Is this normal for Florida? I've never seen such beautiful creatures live like that and would love too! Great shots Laure!


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