Is It Hope....Or Stupidity.....

6:30 AM

....that blooms eternal? Maybe both in my case!

Watercolor and Ink
Pineapple Sketchbook
I noticed late on Saturday night as I was putting up the last of my snowmen, that most of them had on top hats and a good many of them had either a bird, a bird house, or a bird feeder with them or on them. I decided to capture one of them in my sketchbook.

As I sat sketching I realized I had done it again. I had so many ideas and plans to sketch and paint some of my favorite ornaments and teapots, like the one again. I was going to send out my Christmas cards of MY VERY OWN DESIGN this year—early.

I thought the house would be decorated early and I'd have plenty of time to paint. Ha!


Here I am staring down the 19th day of December and I still have a naked Christmas tree standing in my living room.

No cards are going out and that really grieves me. I had a plan to start getting things ready to go in January of 2011 so I wouldn't be in this situation come the 19th of December!

Most of the gifts are bought, but not wrapped. And still I had hoped....

But as I sat sketching at 10:30 on a Saturday night, I started letting go of my hopes for a peaceful, artful, less stressful holiday.

Mind you, family will still be coming over, the house will be decorated, the tree will get dressed, presents wrapped and it will still be a wonderful opportunity to spend time together, see old friends, laugh and have a good time being a kid again for a few hours. And that's what really matters.

But will I ever learn? Will I ever have a peaceful, artful, less stressful holiday?

Maybe if I start in January of 2012..........

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. My DB has been after me for months to create our christmas card. ha... Not happening this year. Maybe next year... Your snowman is so cute.

  2. One year it will all come together for you. The years where i get my act together and plan ahead are most wonderful. I try to shop all year when i find something i think someone will like. I used to not be good about hanging on to things for very long but the older i get the better i get at it. Have a great Christmas! And remember 2012 is suppose to be a year of great change! Maybe Christmas of 2012 WILL be your year to do Christmas the way you want to. Hugs! deb

  3. My cards are store bought and I ordered most gifts online at the last minute. But this gives me time to bake cookies and treats with Kiddo. We can never do it all :-) I love your sketch, he's really cute!

  4. Adorable snowman! Don't be too you said, it will all come together in the end.

  5. ...I am right there with you. I have half of my Christmas card finished. I've created my own cards since 1989 and people expect them. Holy Cow....this is the latest I've ever been...I think. I had better get cracking!
    (I love your snowman...print him off. He would make a great card!!) Have a Merry (and relaxing) Christmas!

  6. I agree with Kelly - this would make an adorable card, and it doesn't have to be an original - copies are great! Have a wonderful holiday!!!

  7. I hear ya, Laure. I just print my cards out on my own computer but I do make the original artwork. I love this little snowman/teapot guy. See, these would make great cards.
    I hope it all gells for you by the weekend. Sounds like you have lots of festivities planned. Enjoy!

  8. Thanks, Lisa! I have a stock of commercial cards to back me up since I don't seem to be able to get my act together!

    A year of great change....oh, my, well, there hasn't been much of that around here!! Thanks, Deb, for your kind thoughts! There's always a chance next year will be better.

    Now, Ann, that makes sense! Kiddo is way more important than cards and baking cookies sounds like a lot more fun too.

    Thanks, KJ, yes, it will come together. The trick will be for ME not to come apart!

    Thanks, Kelly, hope you have a fabulous Christmas too!

    Thanks, Cheryl, there's no way I'd try to paint originals....but for now, I'll probably go commercial.

    Thank you, Katie, we always manage to pull it out of the fire at the last minute. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  9. You're certainly not alone. Although my tree is decorated, and some of the presents are wrapped - my home is still in a huge disarray from the unfinished transition to the holidays. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes came out of the attic and I'm still tripping over some of them.

    But.... I keep poking myself to remember to slow down, and just sit and take in what did get done already -- and perhaps forget the rest (i.e., cart the rest of the boxes out to the garage, and out ov view).

    P.S. I love the snowman too and think he would make an adorable card.

  10. P.S. I just got an appropriate and timely reminder for me -- from KJ's post at Catching Happiness. I think what I've gotten done for the holidays might just have to be 'good enough'.

  11. I wouldn't have had my original Christmas cards this year if it hadn't been for your class Laure. Thanks again for the wonderful Artful Journaling Class.


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