One Persimmon, Two Persimmon, Three!

1:10 PM

Persimmons on watercolor paper
Watercolor and Ink 
Not too long ago, I found some gorgeous persimmons at the grocery and I decided they would make wonderful sketching models. And they did!

They didn't move a bit. They held their poses and didn't seem to mind at all when I became distracted or had to go and hunt for tools.

Rather than sketch in my sketchbook, I decided to test out some new watercolor paper.

All three were identical when I finished up, but since I was testing the paper, I decided to go one step further and add ink. When the paint was dry, I added black ink.
Black ink was added after the painting was complete
The white highlights are the paper showing through. 
Many folks like to draw in ink and then add watercolor. To me, this feels a lot like paint by numbers or a coloring book page. I sometimes feel restrained by the lines. By adding ink after the painting is completed, I can:

  • determine whether or not the art would benefit from adding ink;
  • avoid feeling like my creativity is restrained;
  • add ink for emphasis to either draw attention to one area or away from another;
  • create an entirely different look and feel to the work;
  • use ink as sparingly or heavy as necessary to create the look I want.
Persimmons San Ink
Taking a look at the images, tell me which you prefer and why if you know. Do you like the ink best or without better?

There's no right or wrong, just personal preferences.

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