Life Interruptions

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Willis' Ouch!
Stillman & Birn Beta Sketchbook
They say life is what's happening while you're making other plans. I wasn't aware of making other plans, but life was and is happening.

As it turns out, we've had two family members in the hospital and a sick kitten in and amongst other (not so) fun happenings since my last post.

About a week and a half after Willis came to live with us, she developed a nasty upper respiratory infection and had to go on 10 days worth of antibiotics. The Compounding Shop made them tuna flavored and she thought that was fabulous! She's finally over that nonsense.
Close Up
Last week, the minx managed to hurt herself by damaging her growth plate at the end of her ulna bone on her right hind leg. (That's her ankle if you had no idea what or where the ulna bone is—I had to look it up too!)

Took her to the vet's for sedation and x-rays…they put a split on her and said, "She hasn't messed with it here. We think she'll be fine. Just keep it on her as long as you can."

Yeah, right.
Close Up
Two hours, fifteen minutes and that bad boy was off!

She did not take kindly to the splint pulling the fur on her leg. Getting madder by the minute, she started to bite and growl at it until she pulled it off. Distraction techniques, scolding and food failed at taking her mind off from the situation.

We've been keeping her confined and giving her pain medicine to take the edge off.

Willis goes back to the vet in another two weeks for a follow-up. Hopefully, she'll be on the mind by then.

Meanwhile the two family members have improved and both are now out of the hospital.

Life has a way of moving us forward. Without a journal page, I know I would remember Willis getting hurt and her boo-boo, but I doubt if I'd remember the details because there was so many other situations going on at the same time.

By putting this in my journal, I'll alway remember her hot pink splint and the fact that the little varmint managed to pull the thing off in just a few hours.

Do you journal about your daily life or just when you travel? I'd like to know!

How about sharing the details of what you put in your journals with me?

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