Multi-tasking Lunch—Yum!

2:23 PM

Watercolor and Ink
Pineapple Journal
5.5 x 5.5 inches

My parents have an avocado tree in their yard and the avocados are coming in fast and furious—my mom had 50(!!) avocados on the counter the evening we went over to have dinner with them!

The cool thing about them is they're small—very small.

Mom made sure I had at least a half dozen when I came home and the largest one is not much over 3 inches long. She also sent home some guacamole so I've just now needed to make some.

However, my intention was not to make the guacamole until after lunch. Instead, I was just going to slice one for my salad at lunch time. I sliced it open and set one of the halves down by the tomato. That's when Sam (my muse) sprang up in my mind and said, "Ummm, you're not eating that are you? Sketch it!"

Taking a second look to see what had gotten her so excited, I realized she was right. Again.

You see I sometimes forget I don't have to go to Paris or San Francisco to find something worthwhile to sketch.

I just have to open my eyes to what is around my own kitchen!

Sure, it's much more alluring to go to Paris or San Francisco but without the necessary monetary means to go when I want, it becomes necessary to find inspiration close to hand (and it a lot less expensive!).

If you have any experience with avocados then you know they'll turn a sickly brown shortly after being cut open. You can put lemon on them to slow down the browning or you can sit down and sketch while you're eating lunch!

I'm not sure if it was a really good salad or the sketching, but lunch was very satisfying today!

What have you done to feed your artistic self lately?

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