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Fun with Photo Booth®
I recently upgraded to the Lion Operating System on my Mac laptop.


I've been having all kinds of "fun" trying to figure out how to do things that used to be a breeze, and in my humble opinion, didn't need "upgrading" or changing.

But Apple didn't ask me.

And so I struggle with simple things. My address book used to be alphabetized by first name rather than last name. I rather liked that. It worked well with other programs that used the same method. I "know" people by their first names, rather than first and last.

It often takes me three times as long to find someone now compared to the old way. And, yes, there may be a way to change it back, but I haven't yet made the time to find out how.

I thought it might be good for the gray matter to learn a new way of doing a task. So far, it's just aggravated the dickens out of me.

However, there's always a few fun things to play with when you make these types of changes and one of them is a program called Photo Booth®.
Joey - Pinched
This isn't a new was on the last system I had, but rather than play with it, I just deleted it off the dock and ignored it.

See the fun I was missing!?!
Tucker - Pinched
Tucker was not wild about the computer and was doing his best to get away from it. We'll have to try again when he's a little more mellow.

Technology is a wonderful part of my life. It makes it possible to play out in cyber space, but upgrades are something I do not look forward to in general....however, if they continue to throw in toys like Photo Booth, I might be more likely to upgrade a little sooner next time!

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I love the shot of you and Chris! Your poor kitties do not look impressed with the new technology, though.

    I hate "upgrades." So many times they don't make things easier, at least at first. Trazzler (a travel website I've written some short pieces for) is making some changes now, and some of my trips have disappeared! They assure me they will return, but !!!

  2. Too funny and I really like the picture of you and Chris too! Congratulations on your upgrade, sometimes they are really fun!

  3. Ha ha.... Glad you are having some fun. If you figure out the address book thing, let me know. I was wrecked for weeks when I first started to use it. I do love that my iphone, pad and laptop with lion all talk to each other, though. iCloud is really helpful in making that happen.

  4. Photo Booth looks like lots of fun - and I have it on my iPad and have never played with it. Guess I'm going to have to play now that I see what it can do. Love the pic of you and Chris.

  5. Well.... I can sure relate to you not being keen on unrequested changes on the technology front. I've been bit by that many a time. Fun to see your playful images of you and your husband and furry friends.

  6. Technology is a necessary evil. Drives me crazy.

  7. I actually know something! To switch your address book to first name first open address book, go to the very top of your computer and click on the word, "address book", then click on preferences!

    Tucker looks much better warped than I did. I was exploring ... and there I sat: tired, frazzled, wild hair day .... I wan't in the mood for a peek into the future at just that moment.

  8. You are too funny Laure. I did the upgrade last year and am now wondering what all the fuss is about. Give it time. And yes, most things can be changed back if you can't stand it, even your mailbox look.

    Relax and have fun.

  9. Oh god, I hope this doesn't happen to me. I am SO bad with computer technology. I'm sitll using a ten year old desktop and I don't wanna upgrade!

  10. I don't have anything Apple but I tried to download Microsoft's beta version of their new OS. It didn't take so I am still using my normal old system. I am still learning things about my Xoom though - usually limitations that keep me from using it as my sole computer, darn it.

    Playing with your computer is a great way to get comfy with it but I am not sure fun photos will help you find your names in your address book, lol.


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