For Whom Does The Bell Toll? - NOLA

2:00 PM

There are still a few pages that I haven't gotten around to posting from my NOLA sketchbook.

The image below is from Oak Alley Plantation and it is of the bell that they used for mass communication:
NOLA - Oak Alley Bell
The bell was used to call the workers at the start of the day, lunch time and to signal the end of the work day. It was also used to notify others in the community if there was a marriage, birth or emergency such as a fire.

Other plantations in the area also used bells. This one was place right off from the main door of the plantation. Someone had planted a lovely rosebush beneath this bell, but thorns were on no concern. If you look at the top of the image, you can just make out the cable that attached to the bell—this allowed the bell to be rung from the gallery (porch) of the plantation.
A simple means of communication, but a very effective one all the same!
The artwork was painted from photos in my NOLA sketchbook.

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Very nicely done. Its been Fun seeing the History of NOLA in your journals.

  2. I remember those bells on my ancestors farms around Kentucky. A pretty practical way to communicate. Your sketch is lovely.

  3. I loved this bell - and your sketch of it is very nice. Puts me right back there at the plantation!

  4. Lovely sketch of the bell and garden area. I have 'plans' to sketch the bell for my own sketchbook.... but I haven't gotten to that page yet. Seeing yours reminded me that I want to do that. Thanks for the poke.


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