New Classes Over at!

1:25 PM

NEW Classes, NEW Destinations, and LOTS of changes!

It's only taken a couple of months longer than expected, but finally, finally, all of the classes are up at! LOTS of changes going on, great new destinations and a new way to take an Imaginary Trip. 

We'll be debuting the new web site, The Imaginary Realm, with the launch of our first ALL NEW class this year, An Imaginary Visit to the Beach! The Beach Visit begins on February 23rd and is now open for registration! The new Imaginary Realm web site will have a new and improved video delivery system, members only areas and Independent Learning Classes!

Right after we go to the beach, we'll be going on An Imaginary Trip to Ireland! This class is also open for registration. There are new destinations as well—Greece, San Francisco and a visit to a Japanese Garden! We'll also be returning to some of our favorite destinations—Italy, NOLA, Paris and Autumn.

Some more of the changes you'll see:
  • All of the news from is now on the very front page of the web site! Just scroll down the page to see all the Updates. 
  • One of the things you'll find on the front page is a link to a schedule for ALL of the 2012 classes (scheduled so far—there are a few more I want to add so check back often!). You can also download the schedule.
  • The web site now has an all new structure to help folks find their way around the web site—it's broken down by Imaginary Trips, Imaginary Visits and Independent Learning Classes (ILC)
  • Speaking of Independent Learning Classes (ILC), this is an all-new category of classes currently being created. These classes are for those of us who are too crazy-busy with work and travel to take a scheduled class or who like to learn at our own pace. There's still more work to be done, but we hope to debut these classes in early March!
I hope you'll come by and check out the new schedule along with all the fun changes!

(P.S. As a special treat for yourself, run the cursor side to side at the top of the art image—it looks like it's snowing on the swan—too cool!)

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