Lessons Learned

10:08 AM

White Velvet Cake
Buttercream Frosting
Pink Sugar Sprinkles
Whether baking or painting, life can provide lessons in unexpected places.

I decided I wanted to try a recipe I found on the web called White Velvet Cake because we absolutely love Red Velvet Cake! Besides, I thought it would be a fun treat for Chris. And Leott. And Paul. And Mom and Dad.....and anybody else who can grab fast enough!

White Velvet.....doesn't that just sound like really good cake?

It is.

So where do the lessons come in?

I don't know how much baking you do from scratch, but I can tell you I don't do a lot.

Sugar, sweets, bread and pasta are the bane of my existence. I have no willpower whatsoever when it comes to anything in the sweets category.

I find it best to simply avoid them.

Therefore, I don't bake them.

Because then I will eat them. ALL of them. Until they are GONE.

Hmmm, I digress.....

In preparing the batter, I learned my mixer is not big enough nor strong enough (it's as old or older than I am!) to prepare the batter as they describe in the recipe.

Next time, I'll do it in batches and then combine it together in the end.

The cake was suppose to be light and fluffy....instead, it's rather dense. It has a fabulous flavor though—almost like wedding cake if you happen to be a fan of really, Really, REALLY good wedding cake! (Yes. I am.)

White Velvet Cake
Valentine's Day
Pineapple Journal
Like most new recipes and new art styles, it takes a little practice and a little tweaking to make it your own.

I am not a loose painter.

I am determined to become one.

This was done without pencil, going in direct with paint.

Sometimes, having a plan (pencil lines) can be helpful. Other times, it can be restrictive.

Like the cake, this didn't quite turn out to my expectations.....I have no idea why it looks like it's sliding downhill.

But like the cake recipe, I'll keep tweaking this new style of painting until I get closer to what I see in my mind's eye.

Will it ever match?

Not likely.

It might be even better!

I hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I hear a piece of cake calling my name..........

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14 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Happy Valentine's Day Laure. Love this post!! I guess because I can relate. lol

  2. Fun post! I saw it on Facebook just a minute ago. Homemade cakes ARE more dense than mixes. More crumbly usually too. I never got a bite of my own wedding cake since the photographer was hurrying us along (and the top layer that was supposed to be saved? Well, my sister dropped it). So I really have a penchant for wedding cakes - where is the recipe? I'll try googling it. Mmmm, you make it look so good in both the photo and the watercolor. Yes it looks a bit like it's tilted but it still looks good. I love how the frosting is blending with the background. It makes it look heavenly! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Timaree, click on the words White Velvet Cake in red at the top of the post and it will pull up the page with the recipe.

      And Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Mmmm...the painting and the real thing look delicious. Hope you all enjoyed the Valentine treat. Let me guess...did you perhaps find the recipe on Pinterest?

  4. No, I followed a post from Pinterest to another post that was linked to the first and then found it!

  5. Both the cake and your watercolor look scrumptious! I'm going to have to try this recipe. I can't resist sweets either and especially if buttercream is involved. Hope your day is delightful! Happy Valentine's Day!! Best, Jeanette

  6. This looks yummy. I would help you get rid of that cake if I was anywhere close. Happy Valentines day.

  7. Ha ha ha I just finally found out how to add a comment directly to your posts! Use Safari, not Firefox! Yeehaaaaaa!

    Your cake looks super sweet and mmmmm-y. Reminds me of those Paris treats from class, only better! If I made this, it would be gone in minutes unless I hid it. It's sad to make things that get eaten in less time than it takes to make 'em! Or is it?

    Thank you for the recipe link, something for a special treat on a special day.....

  8. The cake sounds and looks yummy and I love your painting.

  9. Very fun sketch of your special cake. The only thing I can think of to make it better is to sit across the table from you and have a piece to taste. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  10. Hahaha....you sound like me in the kitchen....and me with sweets!! (I like the downward sliding cake--all the faster to slide into my mouth!)

  11. Ah yes...the lessons are everywhere: kitchen, studio, you name it!

    It looks scrumptious, though, no matter the tribulations, and taste is the REALLY important thing! I have to bake wheat and gluten free, so I've been experimenting in the kitchen as well. I finally have a cornbread recipe that I like - it's only taken a few years. The two pans I made are almost gone - and I am the guilty party...

    I know what you mean about the looseness since I get too tight as well - but look at the tilted cake as part of the loose experience! I tend to write and sketch uphill myself and am trying to let go of that. That pink wash is lovely around the edges of the cake, the way they play together on the paper...

  12. Ah We in our household know the feeling of sweets. And with food blogs and Pinterest the recipes are overflowing. I love cakes from scratch since I learned to make them. I read the recipe you had and was wondering did you use all purpose flour? I have found that when a recipe calls for cake flour it is best to use it. Makes a big difference.

    A watercolor teacher I had many years ago told me to learn to draw with my brush. If I remember to do that I can get loose. But do I listen 'no'


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